16 Best Places to Live for Nurses in 2017

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If you have finished school and got a nurse degree or you already work but think that the place where you live is not good enough for you, you may want to know which 16 places to live for nurses in 2017 are in case you decide to move in the years to come. If you live in the US, you may want to change your current city of residence and try finding the best cities for nurses in the US. They are not so hard to find considering how many lists with the relevant pieces of information exist on the internet. However, as you probably know, you need to work as a practitioner first before to gain practice and experience, so you should choose one of the hospitals for nurse practitioners and start working there.

The internet offers information about the best states for nurses together with the nursing salaries in previous years. It is all right if you start considering the given numbers first because salaries may greatly vary in different states, so do not hesitate to find out which country pays nurses most. Sometimes the question may be not which country but which cities are perfect and are therefore the best cities for nurses. A good place in this sense is determined not only by a good salary but also by well-organized traffic, low cost of living, and low crime rate.

Best Places to Live for Nurses in 2017


What if you are one of those brave and adventurous people who want to try something completely different – to change the country and work somewhere else in the world? Being a nurse is never an easy job and working in a new country can be a serious adventure. So, before you make any decisions about your future job, try to find and read about the experiences of nurses who have already done a similar thing. Their experiences can be very useful for you and can help you find a good place for working and living. Logically, the next step is finding the best places for nurses to work abroad and that is not hard with all those relevant lists online. We have actually done that for you. By collecting all the necessary information, data and useful numbers, we tried to answer the question which is the best place in the world to be a nurse.

We started from the lists which already exist on the internet, including our own list of 15 Highest-Paying Countries for Nurses made two years ago, and used them as a starting point for our research. Many of the countries mentioned there can be found on many different lists, so it was logical to explore them while making this list, too.

We thought that it would not be a mistake if we first explored the countries where an increasing demand for nurses is expected in the future. Nevertheless, we did not ignore the fact that these places are not necessarily good places to live. If you are a nurse, a good place to live is defined as a country which is safe, has a low cost of living comparing to the offered salary, and where you are respected at work with good working conditions.

To make the list of 16 best places to live for nurses in 2017 we used all the above-mentioned factors. We made a list of most mentioned countries and then found the given annual wages for each country and cost of living there. The number shown as cost of living is an index obtained from several parameters (including rent, prices in restaurants and stores, cost of food and clothing), where higher number shows the higher cost of living and literally more money that you need to spend on daily needs. We also added the percentage of nurses who work 8-hour shifts, since there is a considerable difference in this point among different countries and it is supposed to be an important parameter. Finally, we made the list of places to live for nurses in 2017. Have a nice trip and good luck at your new job!

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