16 Best Hidden Speakeasy Bars in NYC

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Which are the best hidden Speakeasy Bars in NYC?

Speakeasies in New York are a very old game. Of course, they were all the rage during prohibition – see the history below. Then they enjoyed a new renaissance during the early aughts–particularly due to the labors of Sasha Petraske–along with his talented bartenders, now bar-owners themselves, like Chad Solomon, Christie Pope, Toby Maloney and Sam Ross. Thanks to them and others we now have for your consideration the 16 best hidden speakeasy bars in NYC.

Petraske opened his first bar Milk & Honey on the Lower East Side in 1999. It took me two years to get the (unlisted) phone number of Milk & Honey – at the time it was the only way to get into the bar. You had to call to make a reservation, but the phone number was not public information.

Eventually the trend began to catch on – there were mixologists swinging handcrafted cocktails all over town.  People began to get really precious about their ice.  What freezer do you use?  Home bars also were on the rise, but still, the speakeasy loomed large and the cocktail craze was upon us – for the second time.

Originally speakeasy bars were illicit establishments that sold alcohol during the Prohibition Era (1920-1933) in the U.S. Because booze was illegal, people got very crafty about how they hid their bars. There were bars behind bookcases, in backrooms, password-only back-alley establishments. Most of them became legitimate or disappeared completely after the prohibition was lifted.

So one might ask, what are speakeasy bars doing in present-day New York? At this point the term is basically used to describe the theme and the atmosphere of the bar. These bars may not advertise their presence to the public with colorful neon signs or try to be conspicuous.

They usually keep a low key and their interior also try to instigate the feeling of Prohibition-era nostalgia with their decor and even the bartender’s dress. The cocktails can range from pure classics to innovative twists, playful combinations, and highly inventive ingredients.  It all depends on which speakeasy you choose. We should also know as places continue to crop up the trend becomes more and more diluted.  Many new bars lack the authenticity, style, and care of the best are clearly commercial enterprises.

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Everyone loves the idea of having a secret hideout, this is the reason still people get so excited over speakeasies. Some of these bars also offer really extraordinary service. If you are willing to explore a few and don’t know where to start, I highly recommend going through the full article to know about the 16 best hidden speakeasy bars in NYC.

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