16 Apps For Meeting Cool People and Making Friends Near Me

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You can never have too many friends. What if you suddenly need to field a soccer team or rally a biker gang or move? If all of your friends are occupied and don’t have time to hang out with you, check out these 16 apps for meeting cool people and making friends near me. They will surely help you find interesting and friendly people.

People might argue that technology distances us from humanity but, this statement doesn’t have to be completely true. People can distance themselves using technology. However, if used right, technology can be something that brings people together. Just take a look at Tinder. This app has brought so many people together that it should win a Nobel Peace Prize… well maybe not. If you don’t like Tinder, but you still want to experience the magic of online dating, check out these 7 Best Tinder Alternatives for Dating.

Smartphone apps for meeting new people tend to get a bad rap that they are used only by millennials for hooking up. That may be the stereotypical image, but the truth is somewhat different. There are many apps that are purely aimed for people to connect on other levels instead of romantic (or sexual). Also, most of the dating apps give you a possibility to clearly state that you are not looking for a romantic encounter, but are there to chat with people and meet some new friends.

Now, most of you will ask a simple question: isn’t it easier just to go out and meet new people in an old fashioned way? Well, yes and no. Although it is easier to get the right impression about the person when you are looking at them face to face, the problem is in the first move. People have a hard time approaching other people out of the blue, especially if they just want to hang out. We all have doubts about the people we don’t know; it is in our nature.

Apps can be a great icebreaker here, since you can get to know something about the person and see if you are compatible enough to spend few hours together. The rest is easy. The popularity of meeting friends over apps shows the fact that even one of the most hardcore dating apps, Tinder, has presented Tinder Social, the option in the app that allows you to meet some friends or people near you. There are even some apps that allow you to search friends in all corners of the world.

There are many reasons why someone would want to meet new people. They can be lonely having moved to an unknown city, want to break their routine by meeting new people, or they can just be traveling on their own and want some company. In any of these cases, one of these 16 apps for meeting cool people and making friends near me will surely come in handy.

To find the apps you need, we hunted down the apps that are aimed towards (or can be used for) meeting cool people and making friends near you.  Now, get your smartphone and get ready to meets some cool people.

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