15 Worst Times and Places To Take A Selfie

Hey selfie lovers, check out these 15 worst times and places to take a selfie!

Selfies have taken over the world. Although at first, we looked at them as something that is a temporary trend and will fade away (planking, we still think of you), selfies popularity is becoming stronger with each passing day. In 2013 Oxford English Dictionary announced that “selfie” is the “Word of The Year” and caught us all by surprise.

The main reason for selfies popularity is social media. Before, people didn’t have the need to take pictures of themselves by themselves, because there was not that many popular platforms to post it on. Also, people spend time together much often, so there was always someone who could take a picture. With My Space, Facebook, and Instagram came the perfect excuse to indulge in this narcissist activity called selfie.

15 Worst Times and Places To Take A Selfie

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The only problem is that sometimes people can take it too far in order to make their selfies stand out, or they just don’t pay enough attention to their surroundings. Selfies have been accounted for as many as 54 deaths in India from 2014 to 2016. Since 2015 selfies are killing more people than sharks.  If you ask us, no selfie is worth risking your life for. Normal one in your bedroom is fine; just make sure you have a good camera. If you don’t have one, maybe you would be interested in checking out our list of 10 Smartphones with The Highest Megapixel Camera. You’ll definitely find something that will be great for selfies.

People often don’t think twice before they take a selfie. Maybe they should, since there are certain places and times that are not a selfie material as you will be able to see from our list 15 worst times and places to take a selfie. To compile it, we browsed the internet and looked at times and places for which most of the online community thinks they are highly inappropriate and wrong. Let’s take a look at these “no selfie” situations.