10 Smartphones with Highest Megapixel Camera

Photography lovers, we are bringing you 10 smartphones with the highest megapixel camera!

Did you notice how until a couple of years ago every new model came with a higher megapixel camera? This was when the number of megapixels was a synonym for camera quality in smartphones. The higher the number, the better the camera. So, why is the number of megapixels so important? Smartphone cameras capture photos in the form of pixels, tiny picture elements that are combined to form the photo. Well, megapixel presents one million of pixels. Although it is always desirable to have more megapixels, it isn’t a guarantee that your pictures will be better. This is why some 12MP cameras can produce better quality photos than some 20MP cameras. In other cases, numbers do matter, as you will be able to see from our list of 10 Smartphones With The Lowest Radiation.

10 Smartphones with Highest Megapixel Camera


The quality of a smartphone camera depends on various elements, and the number of megapixels is just one of them. The others are an aperture, the quality of the sensor and quality of image processing. The aperture size the as one of the key elements that determine the quality of smartphone cameras. The smaller the aperture size, the more light passes through camera, resulting in higher quality pictures. Smartphone users are starting to figure the importance of these other elements, so there is no need to boost the megapixel number as before. That’s why the most of the smartphones on the market today pack 12MP to 16MP cameras.

To get the list of 10 smartphones with the highest megapixel camera, we did an extensive search looking for articles, lists and any other content that could give us high megapixel phones. The ones that had the highest number of megapixels entered our list accordingly. We tried to avoid different variations of the same smartphone so that we could pack more manufacturers and give you a broader choice. Let’s take a look at our list of smartphones with the highest megapixel camera, then.