15 Witty Tinder Bio Examples (Male)

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If you were wondering what (could) make someone swipe right on Tinder, besides a killer photo, check out our today’s compilation of witty Tinder bio examples (male), and feel free to steal them, we guarantee you success. The Valentine’s day is behind us, but life continues, and with the spring just around the corner, it’s time to get your act together and come up some with some good Tinder bio lines that will catch somebody’s attention.

So, witty is the (not so) new sexy. Your chances of making a girl (or a boy) fall for you multiply if you make her or him laugh. Moreover, science teaches us that laughter increases the levels of serotonin (the happy hormone) in our body, while, in the same time, reduces the cortisol (the stress hormone) that way helping us to deal with anxiety and stress. And calming your nerves is essential when making a move, right? Unfortunately, not everyone is born under a lucky star like Jerry Seinfeld or Eddie Murphy, and most of us could use some help when the time comes to be witty.

Luckily, there is an abundance of advice online on how to develop a sense of humor. The bottom line is that you have to be willing to absorb humor, and the easiest thing to do so is by watching and listening to other comedians. Also, you have to know yourself well, and to take yourself lightly and also to think about your audience and timing, because timing is everything, right? In the end, try to look natural when joking.

When it comes to Tinder, and similar online dating apps, the timing part of the puzzle isn’t that important, since there isn’t a person in front of you. That way you’re not required to respond swiftly and funny. So, when it comes to being witty online, there’s a huge number of funny Tinder bio examples available. Therefore, finding some good Tinder bio lines is what matters. The best part is that you even don’t have to bother your little gray cells in order to come up with a hilarious opener. For starters, there’s our today’s list of Tinder bio lines which is just a few clicks away.

We’ve already discussed how a swipeable Tinder profile should look like in our article dedicated to tall guys trying to get lucky online (even though it’s not that hard for them to get some). In addition, we singled out 20 best Tinder bios for tall guys, and if you think that yours 6 inches aren’t enough to be swiped right, then pick your favorite. Speaking of our articles, we’ve also thought about our ladies and made a list of Tinder bio examples for girls.

So, coming up with witty Tinder bios for male and female (we couldn’t resist it), was easy and amusing. And, once again, in a quest for best Tinder bios, Reddit and Quora were our first stops, while Oberlo’s compilation of more than 200 bio ideas is just one among many we checked out. Eventually, we managed to narrow it down to 15 laugh-out-loud Tinder bios that will bring you prompt responses.

And now, let’s check out our selection of witty Tinder bio examples (male) — you’d be crazy not to swipe right after reading them.

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