15 Smallest Countries in the World By Population and Land Area

What are the smallest countries in the world by population and land area? We are used to taking and hearing about large countries all the time, and that’s why this time we decided to deal with the smallest countries you have possibly never heard of.

Do you know what the smallest country in the world by area is? If you don’t, it is not surprising, because no one ever talks about these countries in the news. The smallest countries n the world are unlikely to start wars and they are not very present on TV and in the newspaper. Some of them are so small that they make our hometown appear large in comparison, but these countries are usually very popular tourist destinations as they often have beautiful beaches and wonderful nature. Being so small, they offer peace and tranquility you are not likely to find in the most densely populated countries in the world. As opposed to these most populated countries such as China and India whose population reaches more than one billion people (and continue to grow) the least populated countries are often home to only several thousand people. Other most populous countries include Brazil, Indonesia, and the USA, with several hundred million people living there. You can read more in our article about 11 Fastest Growing Countries in The World by Population.

15 Smallest Countries in the World By Population and Land Area

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 Compared to these countries, the small countries we are talking about today appear tiny but that does not make them uninteresting. Speaking of population, we recently wrote about the 15 Countries With the Oldest Population in the World, so check it out to learn more.

Some of the world’s most famous tourist destinations, often for rich people, are in fact these small countries such as the Maldives and Monaco. The Maldives is the smallest country in Asia, while Monaco is a popular destination for rich tourists on the French Riviere. Both countries belong to 50 smallest countries in the world.

Vatican or Holy See is the smallest country in the world and one of the most visited ones, while Vatican City population counts only about 800 people.

While researching the smallest countries in the world, we were quite surprised with some findings. For example, some countries which are much smaller than others, have more inhabitants such as Monaco, with over 38 thousand people spread across the total area of 2 square km, while Nauru with 21 square km only has 10 thousand people. This is what made determining the countries that should fit this list quite difficult. We needed to find countries with the smallest population and with the smallest area as well, so we compared countries first by population and then by area separately in order to come up with this list. We compared the data found on Worldometers and Countries of the World, and we made a list of 15 smallest countries in the world by population and land area.