15 School Appropriate Karaoke Songs for Kids and Tweens

The list of school appropriate karaoke songs for kids and tweens will give you the right choices of songs for your little ones, without you worrying about inappropriate words.

Kara which means “empty” and okesutora which means “orchestra” are Japanese words combined to create the word karaoke. It is a form of entertainment where amateur singers or “wannabe” singers sing along and have fun. Other Asian countries where karaoke is a famous leisure activity are China, Cambodia, and the Philippines where they call it KTV. With the use of smartphones, it is easy to access karaoke and sing a song anytime and anywhere you want. For a party, karaoke is always a good choice for the after dinner to-do list. You can look up YouTube karaoke songs with lyrics if you feel like singing and making your party a hit. Singing can also help relax your mood, lower your stress level, and refresh your thoughts. It will redirect you to a positive aura and attract positive vibes which give you positive results with whatever you are dealing with.

15 School Appropriate Karaoke Songs for Kids and Tweens


When growing children, especially tweens, parents have a lot of going on in their mind, and it’s during these times when they need guidance and a help to mold them and lead them down a good path. Music can ease this type of burden where kids can pick a song that jives with their mood or make it lighter when they are down. Introducing them to karaoke will give them constructive ideas for leisure time as well. However,  guidance from parents is necessary for them to learn songs that are child-friendly and do not contain curse words. Karaoke songs for family is a way to spend time together that deepens the relationship. You can look up some ideas on our list of 20 best karaoke songs for families. Learning karaoke songs for school is an advantage especially for toddlers who are becoming familiar with rhyming songs. We may not know it, but children can actually learn from songs if they pay attention closely to the lyrics, which will help them learn what the song means and make their own interpretation of it.

There are a lot of songs to choose from that can qualify as karaoke songs for school, and we carefully chose a clean karaoke song list. Each has their distinct meaning of friendship, hope, and faith. Different genres also make our list that we sourced with the help of Red Karaoke and Huffington Post. The songs on our list are from years back and are listed randomly, but have stood the test of time. All are still known and still sung today. Even adults can’t help but sing along with them!

Clear your throat for our list of 15 school appropriate karaoke songs for kids and tweens.