15 Rudest Countries with Strong Nationalism in the World in 2017

It’s one thing to be cold and distant, it’s another to be rude, which is why we decided to compile the list of rudest countries with strong nationalism in the world in 2017. This list is going to be of great use to all travelers heading on their vacations during this holiday season so they can make a difference between customs of one nation and their annoying, rude behavior.

We all had some unpleasant situations while visiting different countries. Either the waiter wasn’t polite enough, or people on the streets were glancing strangely at us. That’s why some countries or nations are seen as ruder than the others. For example, according to some sources, the rudest country in Africa is apparently Chad. When it comes to the rudest country in Asia, there are a few suggestions, and some of them are listed here. Europe also has its fair share in our rankings, as you’ll witness. Interestingly, there isn’t a single South American country on our list of rudest countries with strong nationalism in the world in 2017. All in all, even though this is a delicate topic, and you can’t really make generalizations, some countries got the reputation of the rudest ones according to many reasons as you will see in a bit!

15 Rudest Countries with Strong Nationalism in the World in 2017

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On the other hand, according to BBC Travel, the most polite country in the world is Japan. When it comes to Europe, 15 Nicest, Most Polite European Countries will answer the question. However, it should be noted that it is hard to make a polite country ranking. The same goes for the ranking of rudest countries. Basically, what you can do to find out how rude or polite is one country, is to follow and read what tourists said and wrote on forums, about countries they visited. But let’s think about rudest tourists for a second. Where do they come from? Are they from the countries we listed today? Well, there are definitely some overlaps, at least according to the opinion of Redditors. Nevertheless, we encourage you to broaden this topic by analyzing our list and lists of rudest tourists and countries they come from and to let us know the results. Furthermore, you can even check if the countries with strong nationalism from the list below are also the most racist countries in the world, and is there any correlation between nationalism and racism. Although this is an interesting topic, we have to get back to our list of rudest countries with strong nationalism in the world in 2017.

So, to compile the list, first we checked out websites and forums such as Quora, Yahoo answers, Travel CNN, Daily Mail and Forbes to see their judgment when it comes to the rudest countries in the world. Then, we searched for those countries which have nationalistic tendencies. So, we sought help from Quora (once again), Independent and Borgen Magazine. Next step was to single out the countries which were mentioned most in sources we used. The more mentions country had, the higher is placed on the list. The rudest country in the world in 2017 is, of course, on the top. What is important to say is that these are mostly opinions of ordinary people who probably had a bad experience while visiting these countries, so don’t let them ruin it for you. Maybe they are even some of the rude tourists we mentioned above. Moreover, some people could be overly critical due to their personal experience, so their anxiety is possibly transferred into these comments.

And now, without further ado, let’s see our results.