15 Richest Arab Countries in 2018

It is well known that some of the Arab countries are among the richest in the world, but which are the richest Arab countries in 2018? Let’s find out.

Among the things that are very important for the prosperity of a country are natural resources, which might bring a country to the top, concerning wealth status. By natural resources, in the first place we mean oil, gas, different ore and such. And we know that a few Arab countries are very rich in some of those. Nevertheless, today we will not rank the richest Arab countries by their natural resources, but if you are interested in this aspect in general, you might want to take a look at the 15 richest countries in the world by natural resources.

As for the richest Arab country in the world in 2018 (and the poorest Arab country as well), we came upon a nicely illustrated data, showing the map of the world according to the GDP in 2108 for all the world’s countries. You might have already guessed which is the richest Arab country in the world, but we will reveal it later on our list. And, concerning the poorest one, it seems that Sudan takes the number one with GDP of only $795.27 in 2018.

So, as one of the good indicators of a country’s wealth, we took an annual GDP. The information on the GDP for 2018, which helped us rank the richest Arab countries in 2018, came from the International Monetary Fond and Understanding Money. On this source, we can also see predictions for the GDP state in the next several years. Here we took into consideration countries of the Arab League, which comprises of 22 countries, so yes, we included Gulf richest country here as well. To conclude – today, we ranked the richest Arab countries in 2018 were by their GDP per capita.

Interestingly not a single country from our today’s list has found its place among the 25 richest, healthiest and most advanced countries in the world. Even though today we weren’t focusing on all these parameters, one must expect at least one of the richest Arab countries to be among the most advanced countries in the world, but surprisingly, according to our research and parameters that we used in our previous article, that is not the case. What about the global picture? Do you know what is the richest country in the world? Well, according to GDP per capita parameter, Luxembourg is the wealthiest country on the planet and Norway is next to it (and they will continue to be in the top in the next several years, as per the GDP projections).

Now back to the Arab world, it seems that Dubai is the richest Arab city, although people from the United Arab Emirates don’t refer to it as a city but as an Emirate. We looked into this further, and find out that Dubai is also considered a city-state, hence we can safely say that it is the richest Arab city. And what about the United Arab Emirates – is it the richest Arab country in 2018? We will see about that a bit later, but, it seems that the richest Arab Country in 2017 was actually Qatar, so, let’s see how (or if) things changed during one year. So, the richest Arab countries in 2018 are: