15 Quick and Easiest Masters Degrees to Get Online

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15 quick and easiest masters degrees to get online seems a little too good to be true. Of course, we’ve all heard of getting college degrees online, but Masters college degrees? (That are quick and easy as well?) Sounds a little impossible.

While there are a few disclaimers, we’re not lying to you. Many schools across the country have online Masters degrees available in a variety of fields. And if you have a busy schedule, or simply don’t learn well in a classroom environment, this could be for you. We can’t guarantee that everything about it will be quick and easy, since that all depends on the individual college student. We also can’t guarantee that the classes will be held completely online, since that all depends on the program and the school involved. And no matter how wonderful the internet is, I would be a little scared to trust a doctor who earned his entire degree online anyways, wouldn’t you?

Quickest and Easiest Masters Degrees to Get Online

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Sometimes online degrees are just so much more convenient, though. It’s not surprising that students love online classes. You can get them done entirely in bed, after all, and what better way to make school more fun? Time is also a huge factor. Some of the programs below can be completed in record time, and who wouldn’t want to complete a 6 month Masters degree online, or even one of the 1 year Masters degree programs online? That would be worth it even if you had to study night and day for that entire 6 months or year.

So we used many reliable sources to find the easiest online Masters degree fields that students can get online. Our sources include EdSmart‘s Fast Accelerated Online Degrees, Masters Program Guide‘s Fastest Masters Degree Programs, Degree Query‘s Fastest Online Masters Degrees, Study’s Easy Online College Degree Programs to Complete from Home, Best Masters Degree‘s One Year Online Masters Degree Programs, The Simple Dollar‘s Affordable Online Masters Degree Programs in 2018, and Get Educated‘s Online Master’s Degrees. If you’re curious about the methodologies, head to each site and check them out. Each time a degree in a certain field made one of the lists above, we gave it one point, and formed our points system from there. But if you’re looking for specific degree programs, click on the links above because many of those lists feature programs from specific colleges like Omaha, Regent, A&M, CUNY and more.

We just generalized by field, so when we list “Health Science Degree” below with five points, we mean that health science degrees were mentioned five times in the lists above. Other times, we get even more general. For example, number one on our list is a field with many different possible majors, but we decided to simplify by lumping them all into one list item.

And if you’re interested in more lists on the topic, check out our list of 15 easiest majors to take in college that pay well.

So, here are 15 quick and easiest Masters degrees to get online.

15. General Studies Degree

1 point

Become a genius in every subject with a degree like this, all while sitting in front of your computer with this degree on our list of 15 quick and easiest masters degrees to get online.

Quickest and Easiest Masters Degrees to Get Online

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Up next on our list of quick and easiest Masters degrees to get online we have two Master’s degrees which share the 13th place.

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