15 Most Respected Jobs in America in 2017

Would you agree that the most respected jobs in America in 2017 deserve the esteem that they are usually proffered? Respect is a subjective concept, and although every country has different morals and values, the most prestigious jobs in the world have something in common with the most coveted jobs in America. The USA and the rest of the world agree that jobs that tend to assist citizens and societies in some way or the other are the ones that warrant the most appreciation. That is why doctors, military officers, nurses, firefighters, and similar jobs are always present on every list of occupations ranked by esteem, in the USA or otherwise.

Respect doesn’t always get you the best jobs, however. I mean it’s up to you really, whether you consider prestige an important criterion when judging whether a job is good enough for you. That’s why it’s hard to name least prestigious jobs. The best jobs in America in 2017 as ranked by Glassdoor take into account, not respect that other people give the position, but salaries, job openings, and job satisfaction. I have to say that I agree with them. While it’s fun to enjoy high esteem, the matter that is more important to me while taking up a job is my own contentment with it. However, if you consider the list of 100 best jobs in 2017 by US News, you will discover that it is entirely different from Glassdoor’s. My point is that US News’s definition of “best jobs” will be different from yours or mine. It all depends on what you put first. For example, if respect and money are the two factors that get you going, then our piece on the top 6 most respected professions that also pay well will tell you all you need to know. Then again, if you don’t have the qualification required for these occupations, the most significant feature of a job for you must be whether or not it requires a degree. But have no fear; the best jobs in 2017 without a degree include some good options too, like commercial pilots and electrical engineers!

15 Most Respected Jobs in America in 2017


Of course one also has to look at whether the job will have any scope in the future. Jobs with growing demand are always highly sought after; they include professionals like home care aides, biomedical engineers and physical therapy assistants who may well be thanking their lucky stars for choosing these careers by the year 2020.

Let’s not forget the innumerable immigrants that also reside in the US. The nation is full of job opportunities, but it is always hard for an outsider to secure one. Well, if you’re looking for jobs in America for foreigners, Visa Hunter has a helpful list of websites that will make your search easier, if not completely effortless. Then again, when is finding a job ever effortless?

But I digress. We were here to talk about the most respected jobs in America in 2017, weren’t we? Well, we decided to extend our previous list of the 10 most prestigious jobs in America and to do that, we referred to a survey conducted by the Harris Poll, in which Americans were asked whether they considered certain professions prestigious or not. The jobs that got the highest percentage of “has a great deal of prestige” and “has prestige” answers made it to our list. For the purpose of this list, we called the resulting number “the percentage of prestige.” However, this resulted in quite a lot of ties, so we decided to use a tiebreaker. Professions that had the exact same percentage of prestige were then ranked based on the percentage of people who would encourage their child to pursue that particular job (another question in the survey). Please note that we used this question only for tiebreakers and not for the actual ranking.

Unfortunately, the results of this poll were released in 2016, and we couldn’t find reliable data for 2017. Have no fear though, the rankings are extremely unlikely to change. I mean you don’t expect a nation to change their opinion in a short span of 365 days, do you? In fact, the list of most respected professions has had to suffer very minimal changes in the last 37 years! I’m sure that fact must have convinced you. Now that that’s out of the way let’s get started with the list of most respected jobs in America in 2017!