The 10 Most Prestigious Jobs in America

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We turn our heads to acknowledge the highly respected among this list of the 10 most prestigious jobs in America. Prestige is not often a word that we encounter, nor do we often associate it with the current standards of jobs in modern society. We usually associate a good job with something that aligns with our interests and passions. We also associate it with financial pay and benefits. Yet, all of us are aware that there are certain jobs in the world that no one else can do. Not just because of skill or education, but because these are jobs that are not typically for everyone. There are only certain types of people that can do what the people among these in the list can do.

Prestige is not often about the social or financial standing of a person. It is more of how the person is viewed by society. How much respect they garner and how highly they are thought of in terms of their profession. You may not be aware that you are that type of person that is included in this list. Now if you’re looking to read on respected positions and good pay, we also have a list of the Top 6 Most Respected Professions that Also Pay Well.

Let’s move along this list and find out what people find the most prestigious of jobs in America. Starting with the number 10:

10. Teacher

Not everyone can teach. It takes good tolerance, patience, and the ability to convey what you have learned well so that others may learn. In most parts of the world teachers aren’t really paid well. However, a lot will agree that education would not be possible if there weren’t people passionate in teaching.


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