15 Most Popular Love Songs of All Time

We don’t want to sound too cliché, but we think that nothing is more powerful and beautiful than love and that’s why we made the 15 Most Popular Love Songs of All Time list today for you to enjoy. If you are rather not that much into romantic, love songs, you can check out the most popular songs of all time in The 10 Most Popular Songs of All-Time list. The popularity of old songs, when there were no computers, is very hard to measure; then, people were buying records, and today that’s different, as popularity of songs is actually equaled to their YouTube video views, or Google searches and downloads. Nevertheless, the songs we’ve collected for you here are all legendary and beautiful, without a single exception. Love songs have been around for years and years, and each decade or century has given a unique definition and style to them. Night partying in the ‘80s, the dark romance of the ‘90s and hopeless and everlasting love in the 2000s. There isn’t a single society, culture or history where love songs have not been a part of.

Most Popular Love Songs of All Time

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This list isn’t made only out of the songs which elevate love and happiness, it is also about rejection, heartbreaks and all the experience and feelings that come after the ending of a relationship. After all, that is what makes love what it is. The most popular love songs of all time have been written and performed by many incredible and famous artists, as you’ll find out soon. There is not a specific musical genre in which love songs can be found, as they’re the core theme of almost every musical act, whether we are talking about rock, pop or jazz. So, with that said, it’s time we take a closer look at the most popular love songs of all time:

15. “The Power Of Love” – Frankie Goes to Hollywood

This powerful ballad has been covered many times in the past, and we can easily say that all of them are special and fantastic. But, the original is the original. Performed by the English band Frankie Goes to Hollywood in 1984, it is a song which can be heard in every song contest, like the Voice, X-Factor, etc.

Most Popular Love Songs of All Time