15 Most Expensive Cities to Spend a Week in Europe

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Jet set your way to the vacation of a lifetime to one of the most expensive cities to spend a week in Europe.

If you have a bundle of cash burning a hole in your pocket, then we might have the way to help you get rid of that. An extravagant trip to Europe is just what you need. Depending on your style and how you want to do it, traveling can be done on a budget, or you can spend lavishly and really make the most of your experience. We’ll go ahead and tell you now. If you’re looking for the cheapest cities in Europe to visit this is definitely not the list for you, but you should, instead, check out the best cities to spend a week in Europe on a budget. We’re here to tell you about vacations in popular cities that consists of fancy hotels, fine dining, and overpriced tourist attractions. Hey, you only live once, so you may as well enjoy it.

Whether you are traveling in a group or by yourself, the cities that made it into the list will certainly see you part with a good amount of your cash. To find out the most expensive cities, we sought help from various reliable websites like Budget Your Trip and Destination Europe, and Google to gather additional information on the most expensive cities for tourists. Budget Your Trip is a really good website for gauging your potential expenses, as the website tracks costs associated with things like travel, accommodation and the cost of food in Europe per day from real tourists. We basically selected European cities where you will have to spend the largest amount of money for a week-long stay.

Ranking these cities was fairly easy, as we ranked them according to the associated costs. We did not take into account the cost of flying into these cities, as that varies depending on your location and where you begin your trip. We merely considered the amount that you will have to pay to spend a week in these cities, considering you are traveling alone. The higher the amount, the higher we have ranked a given city. So if you truly want to live it up, then you will especially like the cities that topped our list of the most expensive cities to spend a week in Europe.

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