15 Male Singers With Deep Voices

If you were searching the internet to find some male singers with deep voices, you are in the right place.

Music has a very positive impact on the brain development. It has the power to make you smarter, happier and more productive regardless of the age. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, we all have a universal response to music. With listening, playing or singing you are exercising every part of your brain. One of the newest evidence of how music is affecting the brain is showing that musicians have a slightly more different brains. The brain scans are showing that their brains are more symmetrical. The areas for auditory processing, motor control, and spatial coordination are larger. Now, many of you think that having more symmetrical brains is a bad thing because it is often linked to autism, but this is yet to be determined. Interesting fact, Albert Einstein’s brain was more symmetrical than the average.

15 Male Singers With Deep Voices

Many of us find deep voices soothing and relaxing, but do you know why? Many sounds like a deep voice, for instance, are caused by ASMR or autonomous sensory meridian response. This means your body is conditioned environmentally for a reaction which is in tune with relaxation. Many sounds in nature are in the same category. However, since many countries have different languages, it doesn’t mean if you find some sound soothing and relaxing, some person from the other side of the world will react to it the same way.

Even though when you hear ‘deep voice’ you instantly think of a male person, there are female singers who have an absolutely stunning deep voices like Cher, Toni Braxton, and Amy Winehouse. They left a deep mark on this world with their deep and powerful voices. Deep voice vocals are present in every music genre starting from country to metal music. If you have a deep voice, you should check our list of Best Karaoke Songs for Men with Deep Voice and be prepared for the next party.

In order to create our list of 15 male singers with deep voices, we used Quora and 100 Voice to see what are the male singers with a deep voice. We created our list by taking the singers who were mentioned the most times in our sources and we sorted our list by the number of mentions.