10 Best Karaoke Songs for Men with Deep Voice

For those of you with deep baritone voices, we’re featuring the best karaoke songs for men with deep voice. These could also be great for women with very deep voices. That would be a show I would be interested in seeing.

I love karaoke. Love is an understatement, I guess. I would like to serenade karaoke with a gorgeous song that I sing to it while the lyrics scroll across a screen in front of me. Seriously, I have celebrated many a birthday, or a Tuesday, at the karaoke bar nearest to my home, Sing Sing. Aptly named, this place is always a good time. In my opinion it really isn’t full karaoke unless you are doing it in the big room with all the strangers at the bar. However, sometimes renting a tiny–incredibly expensive–room in the back is what you need to truly open up and let your heart sing. And by heart I mean Heart, the band from the ’70s, and the song you should absolutely choose is “Crazy on You”–one for all seasons.

 10 Best Karaoke Songs for Men with Deep Voice


Some people get very shy about singing karaoke. That is NOT understandable. Okay, fine it is–but you should give it a try because you’re missing out. Just grab a few friends to sing with you–and I use the term “sing” very loosely. Remember most people at a karaoke bar are not 100% sober and will very likely not be paying attention to you, and will most certainly not care what you sound like–it’s all about your energy. But go ahead and start small, sing in the shower, then work up to inviting a friend to join you.  You can do this! If you really don’t like singing karaoke, there is always a place for a silent interpretive backup dancer.

So, I have been focusing on those who are a bit shy. Now some words for those who are a bit bold. Remember that the karaoke song you choose, whatever it is, sounds just as good from the floor as it does standing on, or laying across, the bar. Also, you should not do karaoke with co-workers or people you will need to see again in a professional setting–definitely not an immediate supervisor. Some people can, sure, but those people aren’t you. Give yourself the safety to shine like the star you are, but only inviting people you’d be happy to see make a fool of yourself in good fun. Strangers are also fine–who cares what strangers think? Also, please don’t get naked. Some, not all, but some, of you turn every moment with a microphone into a burlesque show.

Like I explained earlier, panache is key to carrying off a solid karaoke performance. Make it yours. Sing loud, dance along, and most importantly choose a great song. You need a song that connects with you either in truth or in irony. Even if you can’t sing and are still trying to impress someone, or trick them into thinking you can actually sing for reasons we should return to later, our list of 11 Best Karaoke Songs for People Who Can’t Sing will make that happen. But remember, when it comes to karaoke sometimes the worst performances are truly the best.

Even after discovering their passion for “singing karaoke,” or as I like to call it sparkling your vocal gifts onto the earth–people hold back for various reasons. One such reason is having a deep voice. That’s crazy; it’s a low down dirty shame–like really low down–bass level. We are discussing the folks who have the confidence in their ability to and desire to sing, they just find it hard selecting a suitable karaoke hit for their range. For those looking to belt out a Leonard Cohen hit or an Eddie Vedder classic, this list includes karaoke songs that others with a deep voice, like you, found easy to sing.

We curated the list by taking inspiration from Quora, The Guardian, and 100voice, and came up with the karaoke songs that are both easy and enjoyable to sing. All of the songs on our list can be sung by someone with a deep voice. We considered a few things before ranking each song. First, we identified the songs that appear in all three of our sources. The ones that appear higher in the lists mentioned in these sources get more points. Then we rank according to points.

So, whether it’s at friend’s party, a holiday event, a college reunion, or for a solo effort, our pick of the best karaoke songs for men with deep voice are fun and safe to sing. Totally safe–unless your dance moves are even more aggressive than I’m expecting. Start practicing now!