15 Highest Paying Vocational Careers with Least Amount of Schooling

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If you are wondering whether you really need that college degree, take a look at our highest paying vocational careers with least amount of schooling.

So it’s time to make one of the most important decisions of your life: to choose your next step and find a good college or school to ensure a great, profitable future. But do you really need college for that? This has been a subject of debate for such a long time, and we will probably never get a unanimous opinion on the subject. Millions of young graduates struggle with huge debts they are left with after graduating from college and not being able to find work, will probably not be very optimistic about going to college. On the other hand, there are ways to afford yourself a great life without going to college.

15 Highest Paying Vocational Careers With Least Amount of Schooling


Unfortunate circumstances have made us seek for jobs that pay the most without a degree as many of us end up disappointed after graduating from college. With this economy today, it’s no wonder that many individuals choose to skip going through years of schooling so that they can get a slightly better job. Instead, they choose to acquire an associate’s degree or complete a training program to land high-paying jobs. You might want to check out the article we wrote earlier to learn more about highest paying trade school jobs in America. Speaking of trade, you should take a look at the list of trades for females; there are some interesting and unconventional suggestions for ladies willing to get their hands dirty.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 60% of U.S. workers don’t have a bachelor’s degree. When talking about high paying jobs with least amount of schooling, we think of trade jobs such as plumbers, electricians, and construction workers. But vocational careers include other opportunities, as well, and many of them require as little as 6 weeks of schooling, up to 2 years. Indeed, there is quite a number of 6-month certificate programs that pay well, and you can take advantage of these opportunities. Completing a certificate course can be the easiest way to switch to a different job or advance in your career. Some popular courses include massage therapist course, website designing, and EMT certificate courses. Furthermore, Career School Now listed some great 6 month career training programs, so feel free to check them out, as well.  We must admit that they sound pretty good. Also, you can take a look at our list best vocational careers for the future to learn more about these opportunities. But to learn about best vocational careers that pay extremely well, just continue reading this article.

One of the most appealing factors when considering a vocational career is advancement potential. There is more room for advancement in certain industries than in others, and all you need to start is an associate’s degree. If you are interested in highest paying trade jobs which involve a lot of hands-on work and can be pretty satisfying, then we say why not? In fact, we have even compiled a list of the best-paying careers that require the least amount of schooling to make your decision-making process slightly easier. While searching for vocational careers with the highest salaries, we came across Vista College, Top Trade School as well as Online School Center. We did our research and compared the careers to come with the list of highest paying jobs. We ranked the highest paying vocational careers according to their salaries, thanks to data provided by PayScale. The salary data includes median pay for each position so it is important to keep in mind that you have the possibility to earn much more than these numbers indicate. It all depends on you and how motivated you are to advance your career. Before you proceed to the today’s list of highest paying vocational careers with least amount of schooling, check out the list of highest paying vocational careers we compiled three years ago and compare them to see are there any changes.

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