15 Gyms with Most Locations Nationwide in 2018

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If you are traveling often, it would be good to have in mind which the gyms with most locations nationwide in 2018 are. Here you will find the answers to that.

Physical exercise is very important for normal and healthy lifestyle. It can be seen that people are more and more aware of this since there are more and more gyms being opened world widely, so there certainly must be a huge need for them.

One huge problem that can be solved with the help of regular physical activity is obesity. And obesity is a huge (and a rising) problem in the US and globally as well. Obesity is measured by the amount of fat in the body through the BMI (body mass index), calculated through height and weight proportions, and obesity is considered to be with BMI values 30 or more. Statistics show that as much as 36.5% of US adult population is obese, which is a very alarming figure. But probably good news is, as some statistics are showing that Americans are actually caring a lot more recently about their health, having 51.7% of adults over 18 engaged in an aerobic physical activity, while 21.% practice both aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities.

Gyms with Most Locations Nationwide in 2018

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So, if you are asking yourself “what’s the best gym to join near me?” we will try to give you an answer here. But only concerning the location. Your preferences and state of your finances are far another side of the medal, which is probably more important. Here we stick to popular gyms with most locations nationwide in 2018 only. There is also the matter of 11 Most Popular Gym Franchises in America so that you might check that out first. And on the matter of nationwide gym chains, there is also a list of 11 Biggest Fitness Chains in America.

Among both of these, either by popularity or quantity, we have to mention Anytime Fitness here. Although there are numerous Anytime Fitness locations worldwide, Anytime Fitness is USA’s top fitness company we might say. But we will see more about it further down on the list.

Now let’s see which sources we have consulted when searching for gyms with most locations nationwide in 2018. Those were Savvy Stews, Fitness Magazine together with Quora and Reddit. We used those as starting points and then we have researched every suggestion in particular, in order to get a number of locations. Interestingly, we often couldn’t find the precise number on the main gym websites, so a part of figures represented here are approximate. Also, that is the reason we haven’t added Curves to our list. We simply hadn’t been able to find an accurate number of locations neither on their site nor in other places, so we have decided to omit it from our list. Anyway, it is now a world-widely spread gym specialized for women.

So, in the end, we have made small gym chains in the US list based on a number of locations, so if you are ready we can go further to see which the gyms with the most locations nationwide in 2018 are:

15. Blink Fitness

No. of locations: 70+

This is still a young company, founded in 2011, so no wonder they have not yet reached the 100 gyms, but with the figure of 70+, they are actually among those gyms with most locations nationwide in 2018. They are spreading still, with new venues opened in Los Angeles recently. They are becoming more popular with the attitude Mood Above Muscle which attracts and encourages more people to join their programs and try out their gyms.

Gyms with Most Locations Nationwide in 2018

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