15 Easiest Love Songs to Play on Acoustic Guitar

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Even if you are not a guitar pro, you can still surprise your significant other for Valentine’s Day by playing any of 15 easiest love songs to play on acoustic guitar. Valentines is close, and there is not much time left, but worry not as these songs are super easy to learn to play.

I have been playing acoustic guitar for some time now. I picked it up as a hobby back in my high school days. The initial passion I had for it has by now subsided, which is unfortunate, to say the least. I still do play guitar sometimes, when I have the time to enjoy it really, but nowhere near as when I was younger. The guitar playing was the thing that made me one of the cooler members of my crew. Whenever there was a party thrown at someone’s place, I would be the person to call. Regardless of how amazing someone’s sound system is, there is something magical about playing guitar while everyone in the room sings. It just brings in positive energy, the sense of unity. Apart from this, I loved it when I was able to play people’s favorite songs while they would sing. It was a way of pleasing people which I did not mind at all. However before I reached this stage, that is before I felt confident that I could play guitar so other people can listen and enjoy, I spent a lot of my time practicing. I remember complaining to my friends how the fingertips of my left hand were completely numb. They were red, occasionally sore with thick layers of skin. It was the result of my efforts to properly place them on guitar strings, so the chord played would have a clean sound. Having short fingers certainly did not help. Despite the numbness in my fingertips and several arguments with my neighbors, I loved it.

easiest love songs to play on acoustic guitar

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If you are a beginner, there are two things you need to be aware of, that you need to learn how to be patient and that you have to be persistent regardless of circumstances. You will spend some time playing things you do not like. I personally never liked playing scales. The repetition of a dull guitar pattern would drive me insane, yet it helped me significantly improve my playing game, which is why I continued doing it. To divert myself, I would practice playing easy guitar chords, changing the order and strumming pattern as I liked. I did not find this as boring as scales, and it was easier for me when I decided I should try playing some of the songs for guitar beginners. It took some time for me to play songs for beginners without having to look at chords sheet. Because I spent a lot of time practicing scales, I felt more confident when I decided to play guitar tabs for beginners. While I found it difficult to understand how to read tabs, I loved the process nevertheless. There were a lot of sources online as well as more experienced guitar players on discussion boards who were willing to share some advice. Even if you are not self-taught, the internet can be a great guitar instructor. Apart from having access to guitar theory, music sheets and other people who are learners just like yourself, you have access to people who teach guitar playing online on YouTube.

If you are new to guitar playing, you should check out our article 10 Easy Guitar Songs for Beginners Without Capo, as well as 15 Easiest Acoustic Guitar Songs to Play for Beginners. In the article, my colleague shared her experience of learning how to play an instrument and offered a list of songs which are definitely what you want to start out if you are a beginner. In case you do not like the songs on the list, you can refer to some of the 15 easiest famous songs to play on guitar. Every radio station has played these and they are also easy to learn to play.

To create the list of 15 easiest love songs to play on acoustic guitar I have referred to a couple of famous guitar web sites, and some of them are Guitar Habits, String Vibe and Guitar Chalk. All that in order to get their insight on which songs are the easiest to play among more than top 100 acoustic guitar songs. Where full song lyrics were not available, I have referred to Metro Lyrics. After all, I had to rank easiest love songs to play, so simple chord progression and strumming pattern were not the only things to consider.

15. Faithfully by Journey

C, Am, F, G, Dm

The last on our list of easiest love songs to play on acoustic guitar is Faithfully by Journey. It is the second single from the album Frontiers. The song peaked 12th on the Billboard Hot 100.

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