15 Easiest Famous Songs to Play on Guitar

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If you are just learning to play guitar, then you will appreciate our list of easiest famous songs to play on guitar. It is always better to start with something you have heard countless times before.

From my personal experience, when people get their first guitar, they are thinking about playing their favorite song. This is a good idea if your favorite song is Knocking on Heaven’s Door or something similar. However, if it happens to be something along the lines of Voodoo Child from Jimi Hendrix, then you learn to choose your battles. Either that or you abandon the idea of playing guitar and come to hate the song you once loved. So, trust me, never take your favorite tunes on the beginning of your life as a guitar player. Take it easy, pick something recommended for the beginners and slowly build up your knowledge and skills until you are comfortable enough to cope with the bigger challenges besides switching from G to D.

15 Easiest Famous Songs To Play On Guitar

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What makes a famous song? My opinion is that charts and sales are not the main criteria for branding a song famous. Even the performer doesn’t have to be a big name in music. It’s the songs that stand the test of time and that everyone is familiar with. If your friend who is only about EDM sings along with a song that randomly started playing on the radio, then that’s a famous song.  For those of you who are into songs from Disney movies or have a kid who wants to play guitar, check out our list of 10 Easiest Disney Songs to Play on Guitar.

In order to come up with the list of easiest famous songs to play on guitar, I have started with recommendations from Tabs 4 Acoustic. After collecting suggestions for famous songs you should know how to play on guitar, I check the YouTube tutorials for each of them. If there were multiple tutorials that labeled a song as easy or for beginners, it came into consideration for the list. Since around 20 songs ticked all the right boxes, relying on my experience as a guitar player and music journalist, I’ve made the final cut taking in consideration the complexity of the song and its popularity. I also made sure that all the links for the chords match the ones used in the video. Since we all know that difficulty and popularity can be sometimes subjective, let us know in the comment section below, if you had any other suggestions for the songs that should be on the list. Now, let’s begin with the journey.

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