15 Easiest Countries To Immigrate To From US

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Below we listed the 15 easiest countries to immigrate to from the United States (click to skip ahead and see the top 5 easiest countries to immigrate to).

Whatever push-or-pull factors had you consider starting your life anew in a new land, be mindful of the fact that deciding upon a destination abroad warrants a great amount of research and rational deliberation, but to spare you the trouble we have compiled this comprehensive list of easiest countries to immigrate to from the United States to your benefit with the latest information.

Unlike visiting as a tourist, settling out of one’s own country for a fresh start, be it politically, socially, financially, environmentally or religiously-driven, constitutes a whole new experience and calls for appropriate knowledge of the statutes and regulations of individual countries letting migrants into.

While immigration laws of certain countries have been so designed that with many strings attached, they make it impossible to gain permanent residency let alone citizenship, a number of others have simplified things and literally dust off the welcome mat for settlers making it more convenient to obtain citizenship and ultimately enjoy access to all the stipulated benefits and rights.

No matter what country you are attracted to, your smooth integration into local community for naturalization and citizenship is based on a number of elements, such as your ability to effectively communicate in native language, understanding and knowledge of the culture, traditions and history as well as your adherence to the local constitution and laws.

Before you make the move, it is advisable, for plain folks in general and entrepreneurs or businessmen in particular, to keep track of the major metrics of Standard of Living and Economic Indicators online in order to reach an intelligent decision.

Because of the fact that many governments are finding it hard to absorb the rising inflation and in turn they pass the burden onto masses in the form of heavy taxes, you ought to opt for a country with a stable economy and favorable conditions, as immigrants usually get slightly low salary until they get permanent or acquire citizenship.

Not only are the countries on our list the easiest to move to, they are also the best economy-wise: they are peaceful, vibrant culturally, are with less or no crime and racial discrimination, have all the nature in them, offer impressive standards of living, and above all are immigrant-friendly. Although some of them have levied high taxes, their ability to pay better makes up for it, as they very well know that finance is the bottom line of every household.

For compiling our list of 15 easiest countries to immigrate to from US, we researched the topic on reputable websites and online video-sharing platforms. We based our rankings on the benchmarks of readiness to receive immigrants, ease of obtaining citizenship and the number of times our countries appeared on other lists published and uploaded recently. To substantiate the information gathered, we double-checked the facts on the respective countries’ websites offering information on their visa requirements, immigration policies and programs. For adding value, details on standard of living, benefits and perks as immigrants and citizens, natural scenic attractions as well as dual citizenship laws of each country have also been incorporated.

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So, without further ado, here goes our list of 15 easiest countries to immigrate to from US.

15. PANAMA: This tropical paradise, offering the most diverse geological and biological landscapes with a developed infrastructure, makes a great abode for immigrants. Many expats see it as the ideal retirement destination for its affordable cost of living. While Spanish has been designated as the official language, English is widely spoken in Panama as well. The US dollar is used here for internal transactions. Your valid American passport allows you to visit Panama without a visa for 180 days, but staying longer requires permission from the immigration authorities. To acquire permanent residency, you need to secure a job or deposit USD 5,000 in a Panamanian bank and open a company. You become eligible for citizenship after five years as a permanent resident. Besides, Panama offers a retiree visa for those having a minimum pension of USD 1000 a month. This visa also gives discounts to movie theatres, restaurants, hotels, on healthcare and medications. Panama does not permit dual citizenship, so you will be needed to give up your home country nationality.

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