15 Easiest Cities to Get Laid in The World

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If you are someone who is sexually active or maybe looking to be, then check out is your city among 15 easiest cities to get laid in the world.

Looking to get laid can be rather frustrating. You are doing everything right, but there is just no luck and you get rejected. After some time you start to lose your confidence and the things just keep on getting harder (pun intended). For all of you that feel this way, there has probably  been a time when you thought the problem is you. Well, let us cheer you up. It seems that a place where you live has a lot to do with your chances of getting laid. This proved true when we checked out which are the 10 most sexually active countries in the world.

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Since the world is full of different and unique cultures, most of them have their own customs and regulations and what to do or not to do when it comes to sex. If you are lucky, your culture is open to sex, and people are raised to be sexually open. In other cases, there is a large probability that you won’t get laid until you are married, or move somewhere else.
Some cultures have strict views on sex and everything that has to do with sexuality. It isn’t that they don’t like it, it’s just that they were raised to view sex as some taboo topic. Sex then becomes something reserved for the married couples, and even in those conditions, it is simply to reproduce. But enough with the dark side of this story.

Luckily for all of us, there are plenty of cultures that are very open to the idea of sex. Those cultures are the ones that think sex is something natural. In most of those cultures, people don’t have a lot of strings attached when it comes to one night stands, and occasional sexual encounters. Of course, some more than other. We usually strive to find the extreme side, and, this time,  that isn’t different. For deciding on our 15 easiest cities to get laid in the world, we looked for suggestions around the internet community. Some of the suggestions were based more on personal experience like Seduction science and bodybuilding, and some other on massive research like Randomvacay or AskMen‘s best cities for single men to visit. We gave each city points for their place on the suggestion list and got out the naughty truth. Cities that managed to get on at least 2 lists got the advantage ahead of ones that had more points but were just on 1 list.

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