10 Countries with The Most Beautiful Women in Africa

If you are planning a trip to Africa, make sure to pay a visit to at least one of these 10 countries with the most beautiful women in Africa.

The fact that some of the most beautiful women in the world come from Africa isn’t a secret, but for a long time, pretty girls from that continent were kept away from the world’s stage, due to unstable political climate, seemingly endless wars, and traditional culture prevalent in most African countries. Only in the last few decades did they start to make regular appearances on beauty pageants, catwalks, and movies screens. The only country that was an exception was South Africa, which is why it is placed high on our list of countries with the most beautiful women in Africa. You will have to read on to see exactly where.

10 Countries with The Most Beautiful Women in Africa

Pixabay/Public Domain

With Africa being so diverse, pinpoint beauty standards is next to impossible. Still, regardless of how hard it is to define it, beauty is easy to recognize and girls from Africa have plenty of it. Black women have been recognized for their beauty and many of them aren’t born in Africa. Naomi Campbell is the first that comes to mind when talking about beautiful black women and she is from the United Kingdom and one of the original supermodels. Halle Berrie, Whitney Houston, Keke Palmer, Rihanna, Vanessa Williams, Beyonce, are just a few of the most beautiful black women not from Africa and as such, outside of the scope of this article.

Even if we eliminate them, there isn’t any shortage of beautiful African girls. The problem is coming up with a definite methodology to rank countries that have the most beautiful ones.

In order to avoid bias and personal tastes, we used the opinions of experts to rank the countries. We went over the winners of Big Four beauty contests (Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss Earth, and Miss International) and awarded points to each country for every title won. Unfortunately, there aren’t many winners from Africa, in fact, Miss International has never been won by a girl from an African country. This wasn’t the problem when we compiled our list of Countries with The Most Beautiful Women in Asia. So, we had to find more sources and we settled on Miss Heritage, one of the youngest beauty pageants in the world, but a highly respected one. Here we awarded points for any of the first four places (winner and three runner ups). Finally, we included Miss Model of the World and its winners. Here are the results of our search for the countries with the most beautiful women in Africa!