15 Countries with the Best Weather All Year Round

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From the all of the world, let’s see which countries with the best weather all year round are.

First, let’s make a distinction between climate and weather. Climate is somewhat a summarized representation of the average weather on the planet. As weather, the climate is influenced by temperature, humidity, pressure, elevation, precipitation, latitude and so on. At the beginning of the 20th century, Wladimir Köppen made the first climate division, which, with some revision is still used today, known as the Köppen–Geiger climate classification. By that classification, the whole climate on the Earth is divided into five main groups with subdivisions (depending on temperature, humidity, and other factors): tropical, arid, temperate, continental and polar.

Now, weather, as we have said, is somewhat more of a temporal thing. Of course, you wouldn’t expect to see snow in equatorial belt deserts (though on some rare occasions as it was this winter, there was actually snow in Sahara), or dry, warm days in, say, Norway. And that is, of course, because there are some main factors influencing the weather so that we have so many differences in the climate of countries around the world.

The first factor is the temperature, which depends mostly on the angle at which the sun rays hit the surface of the Earth. The biggest angle, being almost 90˚, is around the equator, which makes this belt the hottest on our planet (because the bigger the angle, the stronger the radiation is per surface area). By going to the poles from the equator, these angles become smaller, which gives less solar energy to a certain area. That is how latitude affects climate and weather the most. The second important factor for weather is the impact of water, i.e., moisture or humidity and precipitation. This mostly depends on huge water masses, winds and again it depends on temperature. Other factors include altitude, air pressure, vegetation, cities, winds as we have noted, and many other micro areal atmospheric conditions. But as we can see, all of these are connected: state of water being affected by temperature, winds being affected by air pressure, air pressure and local temperature being affected by altitude, precipitation being affected by wind and water masses, and let’s not get entangled with all the combinations we could think of here, but you get the point – everything is connected in nature.

Now, when we have seen the difference between climate and weather, you might be first interested to check out some of the places with the best climate in world to live at 10 Countries with the Best Climate for Longevity or 25 Cities with the Best Climate in the World Year Round. Or if you are looking for the best climate in Europe to live, you would probably like to know which the 15 cities with the best climate in Europe to live are as well. While people have different preferences of weather conditions, if you are a fan of hot, humid climate, we recommend you to go through the 11 Best Weather Cities to live in India.

On the contrary, there are some countries commonly said to have the worst climate in the world, such as Belgium or Netherlands, being humid, rainy and kind of depressive for a living. But there are some worse places having in mind the countries with cold climates, like Greenland, or Iceland, while places with the worst humidity are Singapore, Kuala Lumpur or Jakarta for example.

We’ve seen differences, and we’ve seen some countries on the total opposite specter of climate conditions, so which are the countries with the best weather all year round? Well, it depends on personal choice mostly. But there are some places most people would agree on having the best weather. So, we did our research by looking for what the most people agree on. Some of the sources we have gone through were How Stuff Works, Gulf News, Weatherwise, and Expat. Probably the best definition of the “best weather” being not too hot, not too cold and not extreme, we have found on Quora. Also, from Treehugger we have gotten the information on some countries with the best climate with the low cost of living as well. And finally, we have also taken into account the question of healthiest climate in the world, for which we have found some hints on International Living. So, in the end, we have picked the countries that had the most suggestions on these sources, and that is also how we have ranked them on our list of the countries with the best weather all year round.

Let’s now get through the countries with the best weather all year round.

15. Nepal

Nepal is a high altitude mountainous country which climate is influenced by both continental and maritime factors. During summer it is a monsoon season, and it is wet and hot. Other seasons are generally drier and cooler, and Nepal has all four seasons, but generally pleasant weather.

Countries with the Best Weather All Year Round


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