15 Countries with Most Robberies and Highest Theft Rates in the World

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Take a look at the list of countries with most robberies and highest theft rates in the world – it’s like the Wild West out there.

Some countries are clearly safer than others when you’re out and about, and while the crime rates are far more complicated and include more aspects, the number of robberies and thefts taking place in any one nation should be taken into consideration when traveling, especially since tourists are often targeted. So, wondering which country has the highest theft rate? Well, the UN office on drugs and crime has the answer to that, and it might very well surprise you because it’s Sweden. The data the UN has is from 2014, but it’s still relevant. That year, Sweden saw 3,972 thefts per 100,000 people. At the other end of the spectrum, we have the countries with the lowest theft rates, such as the Vatican. Here, even if such things happen, they do so seldom.

15 Countries With Most Robberies and Highest Theft Rates In The World

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The list of countries by robbery rate, however, is led by another European nation that you wouldn’t really expect to see on such a list – Belgium, which, in 2014, reported 1,529 robberies per 100,000 people. When it comes to movie scenarios, you should know that there is no country with most bank robberies, because those happen mostly in TV shows and movies and even if they do happen in real life, they’re nowhere near what you see in Hollywood flicks. When it comes to the number of burglaries per capita by country, however, the “crown” is taken by Israel, which saw over 1,800 incidents per 100,000 people.

There are many, many types of crimes aside theft, robberies, and burglaries, so many wonders just which country has the highest drug rate. Well, that’s a bit harder to calculate, but Afghanistan led one of our lists regarding the nations that produce the most illegal drugs in the world. What about which country has the highest embezzlement rate? Well, NationMaster data indicates that it’s Germany, at the very least when it comes to the amount. You might also be interested in reading up about the countries with the highest rates of identity theft in the world, or the countries with the most hackers and cyber criminals. If you’re planning on relocating, taking into account which are the most dangerous countries for expats might also do you good.

So, in order to create our list today, we checked out data from the UN regarding both robberies by country and theft by country. All numbers represent incidents per 100,000 people. We ranked them by the numbers, too, offering points to each country – the fewer points a nation got, the worst the situation. We then cross-checked the data and made up the final list. That being said, here are the countries with most robberies and highest theft rates in the world.

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