15 Biggest Hosting Companies in the World

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In this article, we are going to list the 15 largest hosting companies in the world. Click to skip ahead and jump to the 5 largest hosting companies in the world. The vast majority of people never truly consider where a site is, or even what a site is. You turn on a PC, open a browser, and go to Google or Amazon, or Yahoo. But, what are you doing when you “visit” a site? In case you’re a visitor, where are you and the website? The answer is web hosting. Web hosting is one of the most basic and important steps to begin our site to make your site visible to the world. Types of web hosting include shared hosting, VPS hosting, Word Press hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Cloud Hosting, and Reseller hosting.

In the 1990s to have a site on the web, an individual or organization would require their own PC or server. To set up a server, you will require an extraordinary computer with a decent processor and heaps of RAM. To add to that you will likewise be needed to have technical abilities to oversee and run the server. You can upload a website on your own PC, however, except for you yourself, no one can access it until and unless you transfer it on a hosting server to make it accessible to everyone. Since not all organizations have the financial plan or aptitude to do this, web hosting services started to offer to have clients’ sites on their own servers.

Web hosting companies, for the most part, charge for the services they render. You as a client additionally can have your own server directly from your own home. However, the primary distinction between putting resources into your own server and picking a service provider is that planning your own server is probably going to cost you a lot, both in terms of time as well as money. A web hosting company will deal with all backend concerns, including the upkeep and fixing of the servers in case of an issue. Web hosting is a service provider that permits associations and people to post a site or website page onto the Internet. Site content, for example, HTML, CSS, and pictures must be housed on a server to be viewable on the web. So essentially, web hosting is intended to make your life simpler by saving you the hassle to do all that yourself. Web hosting permits an individual or an organization to make their site that can be seen by anybody through the web. Web hosts provide this service by offering space in a server that can be leased or can be utilized by a customer at no expense.

15 biggest hosting companies in the world

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Websites are stored on special computers that are called servers. A server is a mega computer sort that helps connect users of your site to your website from anyplace in the world. As the name infers, web hosting services companies own these servers, networks, and other related services to host sites. When someone wanting to access your website uses the internet all they will have to do is simply type your site address or domain into the browser. The server will then retrieve that website from the database and deliver that website to the user. It is important to have a domain through which you can access data using a hosting company. In the event that you don’t have one, the hosting company will help you buy one. The worker thus serves by sending the files and data that you stored and have put away to display on the user’s screen.

To create an online presence, solid web hosting is important. There are several web hosting companies offering a number of services and varieties for web hosting. Plans range from free with restricted alternatives to costly web hosting service providers that cater to specific needs for the business. The arrangement you pick will rely fundamentally upon how you intend to utilize your site and your financial position.

Picking the right plan is important and will lead to providing you with the right resources and services needed to keep your site loading rapidly and reliably for your website visitors.  The web hosting company should be decided on its reliability and uptime to make sure that the website is up and present online all the time. It should also have appropriate bandwidth and storage because they affect the traffic and the data that can be stored. Such companies also provide customer support because in case of an issue there must be assistance present to solve it as soon as possible. They also provide other services that make website navigation and other things easier.

It is important to choose the right hosting company since your security is online and in case of having a business website, it is important to ensure that there are no downtimes at all to avoid incurring losses as well as the trust of customers. The following companies are the l5 largest hosting companies based on their parent company market capitalization and unsurprisingly, include some of the biggest cloud computing companies in the world:

15. IPage

Parent Company: Endurance International Group Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:EIGI)

Market Capitalization (in billions of dollars): 1.341

IPage offers shared web hosting bundles to its clients. Its services also include a drag and drop type of website builder. It permits clients to make a site with no coding information to make a site and scripts installer resources to enable users to incorporate well-known scripts, for example, WordPress and Joomla in a single click in your web hosting account.

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