15 Best Selling Most Popular Vegetables at Farmers Markets

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If you’re interested in selling your produce at a farmer’s market this summer, check out our list of 15 best selling most popular vegetables at farmers markets below.

Because no one can argue that growing your own vegetables is one of the most satisfying things to do. You can save money, contribute to the environment and eat healthier, more delicious food by doing so. Those who are willing to put effort into a vegetable garden are almost always rewarded. Of course, you’ll have to watch out for deer and other creatures who might intrude (see our list of 6 easiest, cheapest and most effective deer fencing alternatives for your garden), but it’s worth all the work, especially if you can make money off of your garden. If you have the land, you might even turn it into a small farm of your own so that you can sell a portion of your harvest. Farming didn’t go out with the pioneers of the west; it can still be a profitable business for those who know what they’re doing.

Best Selling Most Popular Vegetables at Farmers Markets

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Vegetables are some of the best selling items at markets, so find a farmer’s market in your area that’s buying, or that’s simply willing to let you set up your own booth. Oftentimes, vegetable gardens give us more vegetables than we know what to do with. After all, we can only eat, can or freeze so many vegetables at one time. This is the perfect entrepreneurial solution. To find more creative farmers market ideas check out an article on how to get potential customers to find your booth, and finally to purchase your products.

Spring is prime time to begin planning your vegetable garden, but first, you’ll have to know the best selling farmer’s market items. Some recommend selling the more rare and exotic vegetables, but there are always the classics that never fail to make a pretty penny as well.

The seed options can seem endless, but we’ve narrowed them down for you with our list below. To rank each vegetable, we used similar articles from reputable sources like Organic Life‘s 8 Foods To Buy at Farmer’s Markets, Grow Great Vegetable‘s Farmer’s Market Best Sellers, Grow Vegetables at Home‘s Best and Most Expensive/Profitable Vegetables to Grow, Hobby Farm‘s Popular Farmer’s Market Vegetables, Growing For Market‘s Market Farming Basics, and The Spruce‘s Make a Bundle at a Farmer’s Market. We also used the answers to a question on Houzz: “What good unique crops to sell at farmer’s markets?” Normally, we wouldn’t use a discussion centered source like this, but we figured gardeners who know from experience could be trusted. Many responders gave tips on their favorite vegetables to grow for a profit at farmer’s markets. With these sources, we developed a points system by simply allotting one point to a vegetable every time it was mentioned as profitable or popular at farmer’s markets. This way, we could accurately tell you the general consensus of all the sources combined.

But we did generalize. We didn’t give specific types of beans, peas, onions, etc. So when “snap peas” was mentioned, we just added a point to “peas” in general. If you would like to know more about which specific species of vegetables to grow, however, take a look at some of the articles we used as sources. They also give great tips for selling at a farmers market. Nevertheless, if you want to know how much can you make at a farmers market, NY Farmers Market provided us with some estimations.

Or for related best selling produce articles, see our lists of 12 most popular best selling fruits in the world and 10 most consumed fruits in the US.

So here goes! 15 best selling most popular vegetables at farmers markets to get you in the gardening spirit this spring. We start with the last two vegetables on the list which share the 14th place.

14. Basil

3 points

Okay, we admit, this popular plant is not technically a vegetable, but an herb. Nevertheless, you can still grow it in your vegetable garden, so it still counts.

Best Selling Most Popular Vegetables at Farmers Markets

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