10 Most Consumed Fruits in the US

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What are the most consumed fruits in the US? We all know that fruits and vegetables are among the healthiest food we can eat. Unfortunately, in today’s world when so many processed food is all around us, and when we all have fast-paced lifestyles, we don’t spend too much time thinking about what we eat. Instead of choosing unprocessed healthy natural products, we just grab a slice of pizza and eat it on our way to a movie theather where we munch on popcorn or nachos. It seems that long ago were the times when one would just sit at the dining table and really enjoy a meal. I guess you’ll be surprised to know that fruits are still among the Top 10 Snack Foods Consumed in America.

OK, so Americans do eat a lot of fruit, doesn’t this mean that their eating habits are not that bad? Well if you’ve read the article mentioned above, then you have learned the only appropriate way to eat fruits and that most people don’t consume fruits the correct way.

Most Consumed Fruits in the US

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Leaving those “combining-food-right” eating rules aside – let’s consider for a moment two other different, but similarly important, aspects of having a healthy diet – not eating genetically modified food, and not eating fruits and vegetables with tons of pesticides. How many people do you know who take all these things into account when they eat fruit? Do you know anyone who eats only unprocessed organic fruit on an empty stomach? Didn’t think so.

It is very hard and expensive in today’s society to eat truly healthy food. Nevertheless, it is good to know that fruits are still being consumed in great amounts many places around the globe.

Once again, we used the 2015 Study of America’s consumption of fruit and vegetables done by Produce for Better Health Foundation to gather information about most consumed fruits in the US. And we have used several other resources to provide you with information about each fruit’s nutritional value.
In reverse order, most popular fruits in the US are:

10. Pears

Pears belong to the same family of fruits as apples, quinces, etc. They are rich in vitamin C, dietary fibers, and many minerals such as magnesium, potassium, copper, iron and many more. Those dietary fibers are very important for keeping your digestive tract healthy.

Most Consumed Fruits in the US - Pears

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