10 Best Selling Cigarettes in India

Wondering what the 10 best selling cigarettes in India are? Then stick with us because we made a list of them.

Ever since our ancestors discovered the addictive effects of the tobacco plant and nicotine, people have been smoking everywhere and all the time. We found ways to use the tobacco plant by drying the leaves and rolling them into what is known as bidi (beedi). It seems like the smoking never stopped ever since and it’s not very likely that it will anytime soon. Even though there are countless warnings printed on cigarette packs, and doctors keep telling us to quit smoking because it will eventually kill us, people still can’t give up this addiction.

10 Best Selling Cigarettes in India

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Probably most of the people who are addicted to nicotine first tried a cigarette in their teen years, which is a devastating fact, as well as the general opinion of teenagers that the kids who smoke are considered to be cool by their peers.

India is the second largest producer of tobacco products, right after China, and they export their products all over the world. In fact, 86% of all things exported from India are actually tobacco products. Even though there has been a lot of talking about how tobacco use has dropped in recent years in India, smoking is still very popular and poses a serious threat to the population. Now it’s not a secret anymore that cigarettes cause cancer and so many other diseases, and it’s even printed on the packs of cigarettes and smoking is banned from many areas. But it seems like all these anti-smoking campaigns can’t hurt the well-established brands and their popularity. There are about 120 million smokers in India, and about 15,441 men and 3,375 women are being killed by tobacco every week. But not all cigarettes bought in India are legally procured India is also a great illegal cigarette market, where a lot of cigarettes are obtained illegally or smuggled into the country.

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But as we said, all the dangers of smoking simply can’t hurt some famous cigarette brands even those that are very expensive and seem unaffordable to many. If you’re wondering which ones are we talking about, check out our 10 most expensive countries to buy cigarettes in the world.

We were also curious about the best-selling cigarettes in India, so we did a research to find out what those are. It was impossible for us to find any relevant sources regarding best-selling brands of cigarettes in India, so instead, we ranked the most popular cigarettes in this country which are naturally, the best sold too. We relied on Euromonitor International to help us compile a list of 10 best selling cigarettes in India.