15 Best Selling Champagne Brands in the World 2018

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Every special occasion deserves a toast with champagne, and knowing which are the 15 best selling Champagne brands in the world 2018 will give us an idea of what people look for in a bottle of bubbly.

Champagne has always been associated with elegance and sophistication, and there is more than one reason why people find it irresistible: As per scientific researches, champagne’s effervescence stimulates the brain’s perception of aromas and flavors. But it’s not only that, in fact, sipping a glass of champagne from time to time may even have benefits for your heart as it contains antioxidants. There are several champagne brands names in the market, and all of them differ in prices and tastes.

But, not any sparkling wine can be called champagne. The real champagne comes only from the Champagne region in France and is chalky soil found just in this region what makes the champagne grapes unique. Champagne is made merely out of three grape varieties, and each of them contributes with specific qualities to the blend: Pinot Noir adds strength and body as well as aromas of red fruits. Pinot Meunier gives the acidity and a certain fruitiness which is more noticeable in younger wines, and Chardonnay provides finesse to the blend bringing stone-fruit aromas and a touch of creaminess. According to the amount of each variety used in the mixture, different champagne types are obtained. Champagnes can be Whites, which may be either Blanc de Noirs or Blanc de Blancs both made from a single grape variety or just plain Blanc made from any combination of the permitted grape varieties. There is also champagne Rose which is produced either by adding red wine to a white blend or by fermenting the juice in contact with the skins.

Champagnes also have different degrees of sweetness that go from Brut (Brut Nature, Extra Brut), Extra Dry, Dry, Demi-Sec to Doux. Out of all these, Brut, which is a dry type, is the one with the fewest calories. It’s a known fact that a glass of champagne of any kind contains fewer calories than any other wine, as we mention in our article 11 lowest calorie diet friendly wines you actually want to drink.

Champagne available in the market is produced by the existing 320 champagne houses. In 2017, the region of Champagne produced 295 million bottles. France exports 50% of its production to the world, and the United Kingdom is the biggest importer of champagne. Brits have made champagne their favorite drink (if you don’t count tea, naturally), and one of their preferred brands is Piper-Heidsieck, which is considered one of the best champagne brands in the UK.

The high demand and limited production make champagne prices higher than any other wine, yet you don’t have to deprive yourself of enjoying a bottle of bubbly. There are inexpensive champagne brands which have not much to envy those with the highest prices. For instance, Louis Roederer is a renowned Maison that produces the finest champagnes, like its NV Brut Premier in Magnum that was named best champagne 2018. This Maison also produces fine champagnes for 20 dollars. Another example of good quality for a  moderate price is Laurent-Perrier one of the best champagne brands under 50 dollars that you can find available. Although, if you are among the ones who are sensitive to alcohol taste there are also options for you, check out the 10 best alcoholic drinks that don’t taste like alcohol.

The champagne industry is a multi-million dollar business and out of all the houses that produce champagne, a limited amount has become well known outside France. In this article we will tell you which are the best selling champagne brands in the world 2018, and why are people’s favorites at the moment of choosing champagne. For developing our ranking, we have assembled data from the list provided by Country and Townhouse,  California Winery Advisor and different articles and interviews related to the topic.  So, let’s discover which are the 15 best selling champagne brands in the world 2018.

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