11 Lowest Calorie Diet Friendly Wines You Actually Want to Drink

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Those among you who like an occasional glass of wine but care deeply for their slim figure should definitely read our list of the lowest calorie diet friendly wines you actually want to drink.

We’ve talked about wines more than once, and we can (almost) all agree that wine is special in so many ways. It’s something you look forward to when coming back from work on a Friday night, and something you can share with your friends to make it even more special.

Besides, wines have so many health benefits that we can only begin to name them. It helps some serious health conditions and reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart diseases. One of the best features of wine is certainly the fact that wine drinkers have a lower mortality rate than beer drinkers. And it’s all thanks to a natural compound called resveratrol found in grapes and red wine. If you’re intrigued and want to learn about the positive effects of your favorite drink then visit Food&Wine.

11 Lowest Calorie Diet Friendly Wines You Actually Want to Drink

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But what about all the calories? One glass of wine can range between 110-300 calories, and considering how sometimes it’s difficult to stop with the first glass, 300 calories seems like a lot. Sugar and alcohol are two components that are responsible for getting fat when drinking a lot of wine. It might not seem like a big deal to those of us who don’t drink a lot or often, but it certainly is a big deal to people who are used to drinking wine every night. Especially if you’re on a diet and trying to cut back on calories. You eat healthy food, you exercise regularly but you still can’t seem to lose weight? Perhaps you’re drinking too much wine or other alcoholic drinks that contain a lot of calories and you’re not even aware of it. A lot of people seem to neglect this fact and they spend the whole day eating just a few vegetables because they’re trying to lose weight, but then in the evening, they drink a bottle of wine or more.

But we are not saying you should stop drinking wine because we know how delicious it is and that would be cruel. What you should do is just switch to low-calorie diet friendly wines that won’t make you fat but will still taste good. You may think that diet friendly wines are not as delicious as regular wines but perhaps you just tasted the wrong wines. You should cut back on calories but there is no reason why you should cut back on fun. We were curious about low-calorie wines and where to find them so we did a research wanting to learn more about this and we learn a lot really. However, if you prefer beer, we’ve got something for you too, so you should check out our list of11 Lowest Calorie Beers With the Highest Alcohol.

The key is in avoiding wines with a high percentage of alcohol and residual sugar and pick dry wines instead. So basically, the lower alcohol or residual sugar, the more diet friendly a wine is. We learned that sparkly wines are probably the best choice if you’re seeking low-calorie wines. They are produced in cooler climates and thus have a lower percentage of alcohol. Usually, if you spot sparkling wines labeled as “brut nature” or “brut zero” or even “brut extra” you should stick to them as they are a good choice. Except for sparkling wines, white wines are another great option if you are looking for low-calorie wines that you can drink without feeling guilty because of all the sugar. We were surprised to learn that white wines are usually lower in alcohol than red wines.

Of course, one must pay attention to residual sugar regarding white wines since sweet wines have about 30 calories more per serving than dry wines. So basically, you should stick to dry white wines. But does this mean that you have to completely give up on red wines? Absolutely not. While it’s true that red wines are usually higher in alcohol, there are a lot of varieties that are diet friendly and you can safely enjoy them. As long as you choose light dry wines there’s no need to worry and you can continue with your favorite ritual without feeling bad and worrying that you’ll gain weight. Of course, I feel obliged to mention once again that drinking with moderation is the best way to stay fit, and low-calorie diet friendly wines do not imply that you can drink a couple of bottles a day and stay slim. Our minds sometimes play tricks with us but do not be deceived and just make sure that you don’t drink way too much and way too often because otherwise, that low-calorie thing won’t mean a lot.

On Skinny Booze, you can actually order all sorts of low-calorie wines so there’s no need to leave the house if you want to switch from regular to diet friendly wine. In our search for diet friendly wines, we stumbled across another great website Wine Enthusiast which helped us compile our list.

We present to you the lowest calorie diet friendly wines you actually want to drink.

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