15 Best Places to Travel in February in Europe, Asia and Tropical Destinations

Those of you planning to take a trip in February could surely use our list of 15 best places to travel in February in Europe, Asia and tropical destinations.

The holidays are approaching, it’s cold outside, and it’s been extra stressful at work lately. When winter approaches, we all feel like we need to take a break possibly somewhere warm with plenty of sunshine and a lovely beach nearby. Winter is a great time to run away from the everyday chaos, relax and recharge your batteries. But there is one more reason why people enjoy traveling during the winter months. You can find plenty of low-cost deals during January and February so why not take advantage of these cold months?

Styve Reineck/Shutterstock.com

Styve Reineck/Shutterstock.com

When traveling in February, naturally, you want to go somewhere warm like Southeast Asia or Latin America, which are some of the best places in February for warm weather. But luckily, many of the places that are warm, while we are freezing in our cities, are not very pricey. Tenerife is one of the popular destinations for many people who want to enjoy the mild climate for a fair price. When discussing the cheapest places to travel in February, we must also consider Cancun and the Dominican Republic, where you can enjoy the sunshine and relax on one of the many amazing beaches.

February is also the month when many couples want a romantic escape for Valentine’s Day, so you can take advantage of the beautiful weather in one of these warm places or even take a trip to one of the romantic European cities. So, where is hot in February in Europe? Definitely in the south. Thus, any of the European capitals in the south are the warm places in February in Europe. Nevertheless, European cities are enticing and magical as many of them are very old with a rich culture, so there is plenty of things to experience. However, if you don’t want to go too far, you can always check out these 15 best places to visit in USA in February.

If you are wondering where is good to go on a holiday in February, then stick with us. We already provided suggestions for the first month of 2018, in 15 Best Places to Travel in January in Europe, Asia and Tropical Destinations, and now we’ve compiled a list of best places to visit in February, so you don’t need to spend too much time searching for them. We searched Price of Travel and Travel Leisure as well as a few other articles, and we compiled a list of most popular, best destinations to travel in February. We also wanted to include the lowest prices per night for these destinations provided by Trip Advisor to help you in your decision. Bear in mind that the prices may vary and change quickly so the prices we included here may simply give you some insight and help you prepare for your trip.

Let’s take a look at 15 best places to travel in February in Europe, Asia and tropical destinations.