15 Best Places to Live with Low Humidity and Mild Winters in the World

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For the pleasant and comfortable weather throughout the year, whether you are really looking for a new place to live at or are just being curious, here are some of the best places to live with low humidity and mild winters in the world.

Surely there are many advantages of this set of weather – dry climate and warm in winters. But, surprisingly, that climate type is not easy to find because winters usually imply hot weather in general, which, on this matter often includes high rates of humidity. Dry conditions and hot places to live are to be expected near deserts and generally far from huge water masses, though it does not necessarily have to be the case.

Anyway, what is a low humidity? Let’s first make clear what humidity is at all. It is simply the amount of water vapor in the air. But now it gets more complicated. There are two different terms by which humidity is being determined – absolute and relative humidity. Absolute humidity represents the measure of certain volume of air dividing amount of water vapor in certain temperature and the amount of dry air. Relative humidity on other hand represents the ration of absolute humidity to the highest possible absolute humidity, and that is what we get as the information on weather forecasts. The maximum value of relative humidity is 100%.

Best Places to Live with Low Humidity and Mild Winters in the World

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Humidity also affects human health conditions in general (some more and some less of course). For example, high humidity levels in the hot temperatures will make the feeling of heat much worse, since the sweat which regulates our body temperature cannot evaporate as quickly. The best relative humidity, that feels the most comfortable is somewhere around 45%. But nor extremely high neither extremely low humidity is good for human health, even though both high and low humidity climate conditions have pros and cons. For some health condition, such as arthritis it is well known that lower humidity rates help with the symptoms, and on that matter (and also some of the places with the best weather in USA to live) you can check out the 10 Best Places to Live in the US if You Have Rheumatoid Arthritis.

On the matter of mild winters, well, that is the personal choice as well, choosing the best climate in world to live, where some people prefer more or less constant temperature throughout the year, while others like having all four seasons. On the other hand, you might be interested to find out where the average temperature of 75 degrees year round is. For that, you will have to proceed to the list, but, nevertheless, if you are interested in places with the best climate in Europe to live you can go through 11 Best Places to Live in Europe in 2018 and 15 Cities with the best Climate in Europe to live.

For the information on least humid places to live in the world we have consulted Nomad List that also gave us insight in warm places with low cost of living, and also checked some regions on Intellicast. Some information was also obtained from forums such as City Data or British Expats. On the more general data, which included a search for low humidity countries Europe and world widely, mild winter temperatures, cities with best climate, etc., we have searched many places that gave us some hints and suggestions. In the end, it was a tough choice since climates with mild winters are usually warm which often brings higher levels of humidity as well. These were Weatherwise, Reddit, and Gateway Tips.

So, in the end, we put as parameters average annual humidity and average winter temperatures just as a comparison tool rather than a strict ranking scale. This information we have gained mostly from World Weather & Climate Information. We have tried to get as close as possible to the optimal humidity rates, though combining them with the mild winter weather we have getting somewhat higher figures.

If you are fan of this kind of weather then we have probably hit some of the cities with the best weather in the world for you. Let’s see now which some of the best places to live with low humidity and mild winters in the world are:

15. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Average humidity: 68%

Average winter temperature: 80˚F

Although located on the Pacific coast, Puerto Vallarta is characterized by a rather low humidity for the circumstances. It is a tropical resort and a good place for expat community.

Best Places to Live with Low Humidity and Mild Winters in the World

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