15 Best Careers if You are Bad at Math

If you are not a math fan and you are wondering what might be your dream job, take a look at our list of the 15 best careers if you are bad at math, and maybe you will find the answer.

How many times did you have a nightmare that involves you, a 6th grader, math teacher, and advanced algebra? How many times did you wake up being thankful for that was just a dream? If your answer is more than once, then this article is your cup of tea, since we are offering you a variety of possibilities when it comes to choosing your dream job that is far, far away from numbers!

But, if you have mixed feelings when it comes to math, then we recommend you our article about Best Careers if You Love Math. Read it, and decide whether the math is worth all that struggle. Maybe all the hatred towards math is just a result of incomprehension.

15 Best Careers if You are Bad at Math


It sounds like a paradox, but we used all math operations in order to make our list of best careers if you are bad at math! To obtain the valid information we consulted Career Cast and their Jobs Rated Report, where they reviewed aspects of the listed jobs, such as work environment, stress, and hiring outlook. Then we acquired data from O*NET OnLine regarding the amount of math skills needed for the job. As the final touch, we checked the mean annual wage for every occupation on the BLS’s website. So, after an hour and a half of serious adding and dividing a genuine Insider Monkey list of math-free careers is compiled. Shall we proceed?