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15 Best Jobs if You Are Above 50

If you are looking for a career change late in the game, here are some solid tips about the best jobs if you are above 50.

People in their 50s change careers for a variety of reasons. One of the most common ones is stress reduction. The current job is getting progressively more and more stressful and people are unable or simply unwilling to deal with that, so they look for a way out before it starts having adverse consequences. Besides, if you are at the age when retirement is looming over your head, why would you want to spend your time at a job that is taking a toll on your health and fill you with dread each morning? Even though the pay is probably good, this is one of those examples where money isn’t everything and if peace of mind can be bought by taking a wage cut, it seems like a logical solution.

15 Best Jobs If You Are Above 50


Other reason may be a need to try something new, perhaps learn new skills or pursue a passion they never had a chance of following, until now. Perhaps you are stuck in an office job and you have always wanted to work with people (we have some great jobs below that allow you to interact with people in various manners). Maybe you have been an executive type your entire career, but your dream is actually to make something with your hands. There are all sorts of unfulfilled dreams that are just waiting for the right opportunity to become reality.

And of course, sometimes we just need a change of pace, regardless of how great our current job is. Seeing the same faces day and day out for years can get old and a change of both scenery and colleagues can really freshen up your life. And there is always a chance of meeting someone new that can make your life far more interesting than it is. Simply put, perhaps it is time for something (or someone) new.

If you are thinking of changing your job for whatever reason, there are some things you must know. First of all, don’t pay attention to people around you telling you that it is too late. It isn’t. We are witnessing medical breakthroughs almost daily and human life span is increasing with every new statistic. At 50, you have 15 or maybe 20, perhaps as much as 30 working years ahead of you. Don’t let nay-sayers depress you. If they are your age, they probably want to change their job, but lack the courage to actually pull the trigger. In fact, 80% of people over 50 are thinking of career change, but only 6% actually go through with it. If you want or need a career change in the 50s, it is absolutely doable. Heck, some would go as far as to say it is desirable.

With all that being said, changing career in the 50s can be intimidating. The job market is always evolving and jobs exist today that couldn’t even be imagined back in a day when 50-year-olds were attending college. Social media manager and cyber security expert are just a couple jobs that come in mind and that have been created in the last two decades, long after a 50-year-old has been out of school. We don’t have such occupation on our list of best jobs if you are above 50. Instead, we focused on jobs that require minimal training (nobody wants to have to go to a college again in their 50s just to change their career) and are quite traditional, having been around for a long time.

Transitioning into a new job when you are 50 is a very specific situation. Unlike people looking for Best Jobs if You are Leaving Military, you don’t get much in a way of government assistance, but you have plenty of experience (and hopefully some cash stashed away for rainy days) to help you out while you get your feet under you. In order to find the best job opportunities for people above 50, we consulted two sources. The first is the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). On their site, they have several good suggestions that meet our criteria. The other one is found on Forbes and it is a list of suggestions compiled by Linda Singer, a co-founder of Workhoppers, a job-seeking site. Hopefully, you will find something that matches your needs below.

15. Independent contractor

This is a fairly simple transition, that is why we decided to start our list with it. The concept is simple enough, do whatever you do at your current job, but source yourself out to other people. At first, you can do it part time while you build your client base and after you have established your business, quit your job and move into contracting full time, or half time, or over time. That’s the beauty of being an independent contractor, you work as much or as little as you want.

11 Best Jobs If You Are Above 50


14. College or vocational instructor

A very interesting option, for those people that are inclined towards teaching. Use all that experience you have built up during your career and pass it onto others. The rewards, besides monetary ones, can be quite stimulating, as you see your students move up in life thanks to your efforts and knowledge you have passed on to them.

11 Best Jobs If You Are Above 50


13. Convention meeting and event planner

This job requires plenty of flexibility and thinking on your feet. If problem-solving on the fly is something you are good at, you may want to consider this as your next career.

11 Best Jobs If You Are Above 50

Pixabay/Public Domain

12. Medical assistant

Despite the title, this job among the other best jobs if you are above 50 from our list, doesn’t require extensive medical education. There are certifications that can be obtained, but they aren’t necessary, although as the field expands, it may be wise to get one while they are in low demand.

11 Best Jobs If You Are Above 50


11. Patient advocate

Getting through the labyrinth of red tape that surrounds health system in America is getting harder every day (and if our President has anything to say about, it will get plenty harder by the time he is done with it). People struck with illness and their family members sometimes don’t have enough strength or knowledge to fight it out with health insurance companies or hospitals. That is where patient advocates step in, to help them enforce their rights and get a fair deal.

11 Best Jobs If You Are Above 50

Valeri Potapova/

10. Personal care aide/home health aide

Another health-related job that doesn’t require a medical degree. Most of it can be learned on the job, but the most important part is a desire to help people. It is definitely one of the best jobs if you are above 50.

11 Best Jobs If You Are Above 50


9. Tax preparer

You don’t have to be a certified accountant to be a tax preparer, but you do need an extensive knowledge of the tax system and loopholes.

11 Best Jobs If You Are Above 50


8. Secretary

Every company needs them and experienced ones are hard to come by. Use your experience and knowledge to help your new boss or manage an office and monetary reward should be substantial.

11 Best Jobs If You Are Above 50


7. Accountant/financial manager

If a corporate job is getting to you, perhaps opening a small accounting shop is just what the doctor ordered. Working with real people and solving their problems sounds more appealing than spending your days in a cubicle and being a tiny faceless cog in a giant machine. The money probably wouldn’t be the same, but some sacrifices must be made.

11 Best Jobs If You Are Above 50


6. Interpreter

A great job if you know the language. For the most part, you don’t have to have a degree, and if you have a working knowledge of a language you should be able to get a job. There are some jobs that require a formal university degree, though, but nevertheless, this is one of the best jobs if you are above 50.

11 Best Jobs If You Are Above 50


5. Fitness trainer

Fitness for elderly is a fast-growing field as more and more people start to realize its benefits. Most of those people would rather have someone in their fifties than some young whipper-snapper, without the patience to explain and demonstrate proper techniques as their fitness trainer. Let’s see what’s next on our list of best jobs if you are above 50.

4. Home modification professional

The beauty of this job is that it can be whatever you want it to be. You can grab a hammer and do some carpentry or you can keep yourself in a strictly consulting role. Maybe you can even do both. Whatever you choose, your experience will really come in handy.

3. Massage therapist

The number three on our list of best jobs if you are above 50 it’s not for everyone, but if you have a background in massage, it can be quite rewarding occupation, both financially and emotionally.

11 Best Jobs If You Are Above 50

Robert Przybysz/

2. Eco-landscaper

Another fast-growing industry, eco-landscaping is all about getting your yard to look nice without hurting Mother Nature. It is a great opportunity for anyone with a green thumb who enjoys outdoor work and isn’t afraid to learn new things.

1. Personal financial adviser

This is the job that can let your experience really shine. Helping people with their investment in today’s market aimed solely at turning a quick buck and its dog eat dog mentality could certainly use some old school politeness and business culture. A great job to end our list of best jobs if you are above 50.

11 Best Jobs If You Are Above 50