15 Best Cities For Singles Over 40

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In this article we take a look at the 15 best cities for singles over 40 in 2020.  Click to skip ahead and jump to the 5 best cities for singles over 40.

Single in the city, might sound like the dream! But, let’s face it, we all get lonely at times. Especially when we are approaching our 40s or already there, and most of the people we hang out with either are busy with their work or families. 

Dating in your 40s is a whole different ball game. We are looking for love, but also for someone dependable. But also, 40s can be a great time to go looking for Mr.Right. You are all over with the fun and games, you have given your best time to your career, so what’s stopping you now? 

All you need to be is at the right place because some cities are just the hotspots when it comes to tapping the pool of singles to find the one! 

Best US Cities for One Night Stands

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For starters, you need to be in a city  where the single men are in most numbers. Big tech cities are in general the best to meet the most successful and eligible bachelors out there. Places with a great nightlife or social scenes make the cut too. After all, you have to head somewhere to meet these great guys, right? 

We scoured through the data and came out with some solid rankings, so you don’t have to do the hard work. We have shortlisted the best cities for singles over 40 based on the number of single men in the age bracket in each U.S city. Based on the Family & Living Arrangements data for 2019, we have the best cities where you can maximize your chances of meeting a match. 

In 2020, dating is now a changed scene. Match Group Holdings II, LLC (NASDAQ:MTCH) shares are already up more than 50% in 2020 as more singles are forced to go with online dating. Apps and dating sites have made dating in the 40s a whole lot easier. But that means, you have no more excuses to be sitting and waiting on your Prince Charming, when you know where to head to get more swipe rights! It is no more limited to being able to meet people at your place of work or around the neighborhood. 

So, you’ve waited all your life for the right person to come along, or haven’t been so lucky in love, or you’ve lived your best single life but think the time is right to change that  – there are a number of reasons women start looking for potential partners in their 40s. Trust me, you are not alone. Women in their 40s are out there looking for a match more than ever before, but that also means you don’t want to be lagging behind in the competition. If you are a single mom, you can check out our article about 10 best places to live and work for a single mom.

If you are a 40-something woman looking to meet someone, these are the best cities for singles over 40 that you should be heading/moving to! 

15. Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, WA Metro Area

Total number of single men in 2019 – 50039

Sleepless in Seattle is still a valid movie, even in 2020! According to a study by University of Michigan it is indeed one of the best cities for singles over 40 and in numbers there are two men for every woman in the city!

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