14 Best Places To Visit in USA in January

Masterminding an escape plan from the bitter cold wintry doldrums to one of the best places to visit in the USA in January can be a bit of a double-edged proposition.  The obvious choice is to hop on your favorite vacation planning site, delight your eyes in a cache of travel porn, and purchase the next available flight to a warm, sunny, and in all likelihood tropical destination.  

You’ve been walled up in an office cubicle from nine to five for the past God knows how long, only to retreat to your home, traversing iced-encrusted roadways and snow-caked sidewalks.  Weekend walks to your favorite neighborhood cafe or bistro are almost not even worth the effort given the bone-chilling winds that “greet” you upon opening your front door and “caress” your already-numb face as you trudge through whatever hellish precipitation happens to be on the day’s weather menu.  Public spaces in your city or town are absolutely off-limits for anyone whose ancestry isn’t one hundred percent Nordic Viking.  Let’s be honest, a tranquil afternoon stroll through the park loses a lot of its allure when it carries with it potential encounters with abominable snowmen, polar bears, and white walkers.  Whether deliberately or unwittingly, you’ve been relegated, almost exclusively, to activities that demand your staying indoors.  Winter has come and is putting a firm emphasis on the “chill” of Netflix and Chill.  No wonder birds fly south for the winter.

14 Best Places To Visit in USA in January

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The not-so-obvious travel decision, however, would be to look into a similarly wintry destination as a potential getaway.  I know what you’re thinking: “You just put everything wrong with winter and cold months on a neon billboard.  Why on Earth would I go to another place that would be exactly the same?”  The answer to that excellent question, concerned reader, is: because it would not be exactly the same.  For all of its faults, winter certainly has a few desirable aspects sprinkled in as well, making it worth considering a destination with similarly cold, but significantly more charming features.  Picture a quaint town nestled in a majestic snow-capped mountain range, replete with dozens of immaculate slopes, trails, and unexplored local treasures all at the tips of your fingers.  Or how about a cozy forest cabin escape where every day is met with crisp, dewy air, enticing hikes, and cozy evenings in front of a fire with those you care for the most?

Ultimately, your winter destination is up to you–a product of your taste in surroundings, temperature, activities, and culture.  As you slog your way through the malaise of end-of-year travel planning though–Thanksgiving at grandma’s, perhaps holidays at on of the Best Places to Visit in USA in December, or New Years at the in-laws, take some time out and consider treating yourself to luxuriant January getaway.  Whether soaking up some color beneath the rays of radiant coastal sunshine, or exploring some other previously uncharted locale, bleak, overcast days at the beginning of the year offer the perfect excuse to pack your bags and spend a bit of time elsewhere.

Using data on frequently-visited US cities in the month of January, as well as suggestions coming from Huffington Post, Travel and Leisure,  Budget Travel, to name a few, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best places to visit in the USA in January.  Have a look, get inspired, and start prepping for the travel experience of a lifetime!