13 Most Luxurious Hotel Chains in the World

Luxurious hotels can be stumbled upon in most prolific touristic centers, as well as in most prominent administrative centers alike and we’ll bring you the list of 13 most luxurious hotel chains in the world to which most of these hotels belong to. Here’s a list of 11 biggest five star hotels in India – some of which belong to chained-brand hotels which we’ll mention further on.

Now, while hotels themselves can be classified in a number of different ways, mostly depending on the country in which they are being classified, branded hotel chains, as well as independent hotels are best categorized using the market class index. There are six market classes in total, spanning from the economy, over midscale, upper midscale and upscale, all the way to upper upscale and luxury class. These market classes can further be collapsed into three larger categories which look something like this: midscale and economy, upscale and upper midscale, and luxury with upper upscale. With this in mind it is clear that we’ll only consider upper upscale and luxury market classes for our list of 13 most luxurious hotel chains in the world.

Kiev.Victor / Shutterstock.com

Kiev.Victor / Shutterstock.com

Chained-brand hotels have to appear in at least two countries in order to qualify for the list. In other words, hotels do not belong to hotel chains if they are domestic. Furthermore, every hotel chain, luxurious or not, belongs to a certain brand. Some of these brands emphasize exclusively on budget hotels, and naturally, won’t be considered. Whether they emphasize only on luxury hotels or a mixture of budget and luxury ones (which most of these do), doesn’t really matter. We’ll consider every brand that has luxury hotel chains inside of its portfolio.

So, how does hotel chain become a luxury one? Simply – by offering impeccable service regulated by strictly determined standards. These standard include special requirements on every luxury hotel’s part such as specially trained staff, a certain level of accessibility, decor and refinement, and some rather unique requirements that clearly divide the luxury and upper upscale hotels from those upscale ones – even though they all usually have 5 stars.

There are a lot more than just 13 luxury chained-brand hotels around the world. Even if there were only exactly 13 of them, we would still have to rank them from positions 13 to 1, wouldn’t we? This calls for a certain classification methodology on our part as well. We can’t just rank them subjectively, can we? This is why we’ll take a number of factors into account while trying to do so. Some of the categories will be a number of luxury hotels that certain hotel chain boasts, and a number of prominent, historic hotels that certain hotel chain possesses. Historic hotels have to fulfill certain standards and represent only a commodity in ranking hotel chains, but a commodity that needs to be earned nonetheless. You can find a map and list of world’s historic hotels here. Hotel chain’s reputation will also play an important role, and so will its history. Finally, we won’t list more than one hotel chain from a single brand, but we won’t fail to mention others as well. After all, it is a well-known fact that some hotel brands feature more than one luxury hotel chain line in order to further diversify the offer. For instance, Hyatt Hotels Corporation (brand) consists of Grand Hyatt and Park Hyatt luxury chains, and Hyatt Regency upper upscale chain. Only one of them, however, will find itself on our list of 13 most luxurious hotel chains in the world.