13 Free And Cheap Swimming Classes in NYC For Adults

If you are still afraid of water and you just cannot stop panicking when you are left alone in it, it is time to take a look at some free and cheap swimming classes in NYC for adults.

The swimming fear is real, and there are millions, heck, billions of people in the world that cannot swim. According to My Swim Pro, about 4 billion people on a global scale cannot swim, and even though some people see this as physical activity, I see it as a life skill. Annually, there are about 360,000 drowning deaths worldwide, the World Health Organization reported. Many people fear not only that they will drown, but they have a fear of getting in the water in the first place and this is a serious problem. There are tips that swimming instructors use to help their students relax and to show them how comfortable they can be around water. When the student becomes comfortable while they are in the water, they will be prepared to start learning how to swim. It is very important not to force a person to jump in the water thinking aquaphobia is not a thing.

13 Free And Cheap Swimming Classes in NYC For Adults

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There are a few tips that will make your fear of water go away, but you need to be persistent. First, you can start by getting your feet wet and then you can start moving deeper. Go as deep as you can and then start splashing your face with water like you are washing it and think of something positive. The next step maybe will sound a little scary to you, but once you do it, you will be even more comfortable in the water. Take a deep breath and breathe out into the water. Don’t rush with anything, think positive and the progress is guaranteed. Now, while we are still talking about kicking fear out of your life by taking classes, you may also be interested into seeing our article on 9 Free Training Programs in NYC For Adults as well. 

On the other hand, while we are still talking about swimming, we cannot just neglect the fact that swimming contributes so much to your body and your overall health. It is only fair to mention at least some of the benefits you can get by learning or starting to swim more often. For starters, you will keep your heart rate up and with that, you will reduce the stress from your body, next you will maintain a healthy weight, healthy lungs and heart, you will tone your muscles and feel relaxed and peaceful. In addition to that, you should also keep in mind that you will improve your flexibility, coordination, balance, and posture among countless other things.

Before we jump to see what is the best swimming class for you, let us show you why you should pick one of the following classes. To create our list of free and cheap swimming classes in NYC for adults, we used Class Curious as our main source. Their database has the best classes for New Yorkers, and they provided us with free and cheap swimming classes that won’t empty anyone’s wallet and at the same time will give them a life skill that could save their, or someone’s life at some point. We also relied on a Google search to find a few more programs to add to our list. We included the price for every class that is cheap (as compared to other programs in the city) and not free to show you how much of your budget you should divide for it. After we completed our list, to make the list neater, we sorted it by the class’ price in ascending order.

Now let’s see what the best free and cheap swimming classes in NYC for adults are.