10 Countries Seeking American Immigrants

For all you Americans looking for an easy and fast immigration country, here’s a list of 10 countries seeking American immigrants!

Being a US citizen is great. Living in the most powerful country in the world is an envious quality. Do you know what countries can US citizens travel to without a visa? Well, naming all of them would be tricky, because there are 160 countries on the list! You can simply grab your passport and head to Argentina, Austria, France, Hong Kong, Panama, etc. You name it, and the list probably has it! Being American born enables you to roam the world to your own liking. There’s no place like home, that’s for sure, but still, plenty of Americans choose to leave the country and live elsewhere, at least for some time. With so many countries not asking for their visas, Americans can afford to be picky while choosing among the best countries for American expats.

10 Countries Seeking American Immigrants


Interestingly enough, there are no definite data on how many Americans choose to leave their homeland and live elsewhere. Medium tells us there is no finite number, though we will inform about the number of American expats living in certain countries. On the other hand, the number of immigrants who were granted permanent residence in 2015 was 1.05 million, as reported by the Telegraph.

If you’re an American with limited financial resources and looking for the best country to move to start over, why don’t you read our article 15 Best Countries for Americans to Move to Start Over with no Money? Also, we wrote about easiest countries for Americans to move to and work should you wish to avoid all the boring paperwork.

Now let’s see how we constructed our list of the easiest countries to move to from USA. Firstly, we checked it with ThePointsGuy to see which other countries have favorable immigration policies when it comes to Americans. One of the options said “the rest of the EU countries,” so we looked into the matter further. Eventually, we enlisted the country which is said to favor Americans and already has a large number working there (144,000). Finally, the fact that was the deciding factor to give preference to this country over others from the EU was the information that the number of Americans accepting its citizenship has doubled in the recent years. We found another one at WeWork, a website about countries which offer easy work visas and saw it recommended heartily for Americans by WanderWisdom. It is very important to Americans to be able to converse easily, and in this country it should be no problem (even though it’s not anglophone). Also, obtaining a work visa is easy, especially if you have a good business idea. Last but not the least, InternationalMan has a brilliant suggestion for all Americans who are workaholics and hate paying large taxes!

As you can guess, Americans in favor of easiest countries to immigrate to in Europe will have lots of appealing options to go for. Without further ado and in no particular order, here are 10 countries seeking American immigrants!