13 Coolest Free Android Apps in 2015

Some of the coolest free Android apps in 2015 have premium versions that do cost money, but the free versions are still worth a look. This means that you will have to pay up if you want all the features. In general, you will have the most important features in the free version. If you’re looking for a longer list check out the top 25 paid Android apps in 2014.



The most downloaded type of apps are games. A whopping 22.21% of Android users download them. An interesting fact is that apps needed for navigation, are the least important. Only 1% of users downloads them.

The real question is what makes an app cool? The first and most important thing is that it must provide a lot of fun. Also, an app must have a great interface, be useful and of course, free. Paid apps are usually developed for business or education, so they are useful, but they are not cool.

Providing you a list of the coolest apps was almost impossible, because every person has a different opinion. However, with the help of Tech Radar and Google Play, we managed to create a list of the coolest free Android apps in 2015. We used only apps that are very popular or are projected to become popular during the year. The list is based on the number of reviews. Higher number of reviews mean a higher number of downloads.