The Top 25 Paid Android Apps in 2014

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Top 25 Paid Android Apps in 2014: Google’s Android mobile OS is now the most popular in the world, and the competition among app developers to get their content on the smartphones of millions of Android users is intense. As we showcased in a previous article on the 10 Most Expensive Android Phones in the World, many of these phones are by no means cheap, and those users are thus eager to fill their phones up with paid apps like the ones featured on this list.


Likewise, not all of these apps are cheap, as we detailed in our list of The 14 Most Expensive Android Apps. While none of those apps made our current list of the top paid Android apps in 2014, there is nonetheless a large market even for apps that can approach $1,000, more than the cost of the average Android phone itself.

Finally, when you’re done reading our current list and find yourself clamoring for more top paid apps, or wish to compare the Android’s collection of top apps to that of Apple’s iOS, then be sure to check out our feature on the Top Paid Apps for Iphone.

Now then, let’s begin the countdown of the top 25 paid Android apps in 2014, beginning with an emulator of a classic video game system. See which one on the next page.

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