13 Beginner Art Classes for Adults in NYC

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If you’re looking to brush up on your art skills, you’ll enjoy our list of 13 beginner art classes for adults in NYC.

I don’t have any natural talents or abilities when it comes to anything remotely artistic or creative. Though I’ve participated in a few wine and paint classes, I find that I’m better at sipping the wine than the actual painting part. They are pretty fun though, and my “paintings” have turned out to be somewhat decent looking. Lucky for me, it doesn’t take too much skill for those classes because an instructor is literally walking  you through every stroke and you have a template to base it off of. If they required you to come up with your own picture and design, that wouldn’t work out so well for me.

With New York City being one of the art capitals of the world, there’s more art and art-related things to count in this city, it’s almost impossible. From galleries and studios, to museums and institutes, art and artists are all over The Big Apple. Therefore, if you want to practice your skills or get into the industry, there’s no better place to start. From beginners to advanced artists there’s something for you in the city. Even better is that because of all the access to things art related, you can find something for just about any price point — and maybe even free if you’re lucky. If you don’t believe me, check out our list of 20 cheap art classes in NYC.


For those, like me, who are not very talented and are just starting out, we came up with a list of beginner art classes for adults to make your class finding process a bit easier. We also cover a variety of art in our list, like drawing, pottery, painting and even embroidery, so you can find just what you’re looking for. In order to create our list, we used ClassCurious’ database as our source to see what are some of the best art classes for beginner adults. After we gathered our list of beginner art classes for adults in NYC, we completed the rankings by sorting it according to their price starting from the lowest to the highest.

13. Beginner’s Draw in Central Park

Price: $35

Location: Upper West Side

In the Beginner’s Draw in Central Park class, artist Rebecca Schweiger will be guiding you through the basic techniques of drawing. What could be more inspiring for an aspiring artist, than nature itself? In this class, you will learn basic drawing techniques and how to create your own drawings through one-on-one instructions based on your needs, skills, and goals. All of the supplies you will need are included in the price.

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