12 Ways to Tell if Someone is Lying Over The Phone or Text

If you have always wondered about what does it take to be able to recognize a lie when you hear it, then read our list of 12 ways to tell if someone is lying over the phone or text.

How many times have you received a flattering text and after being happy for a moment, you became really suspicious about the verity of the content? You aren’t the only one who feels that way. On the contrary, the sad and ugly truth is that we have all been victims of phone or text lies, and we have believed many things we probably shouldn’t. Sounds devastating, right? We know. That’s why it is important to learn the basics about the art of deception and to be able to recognize a gruesome lie when you hear it. In person, we rely on body language to give us clues about whether the person is lying or not. Electronic communication, however, is a challenge.

12 Ways to Tell if Someone is Lying Over The Phone or Text

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No matter if you are talking to your boyfriend or girlfriend or a potential business partner, it is useful to have some guidelines for recognizing untruthful statements. If you are eager to know more about how to catch your partner in a lie, then read our list of 10 Ways to Tell if Someone is Lying About Cheating. When we are on the phone, though we cannot see the other person’s face, we can hear their voice and notice when they are thinking hard in the middle of a question. They will hesitate before, then answer our question. When our partners are surprised, they will probably take a little pause and it is hard not to notice when awkward silence happens on the other side of the line.  So, we have plenty of tools at our disposal when it comes to phone conversations. And with a few skills, we can become able to spot any type of a lie once it is spoken.

When texting, it is slightly more difficult to spot a lie because typing is not the same as talking, of course. If the person is surprised by the question, we cannot hear it in their voices, there is no pause that can announce a suspicious answer or a word filler that suggests fashioning a lie. Although, there are many hints which can suggest that a person is trying to change the topic or even avoid answering a question. Sometimes, a pause in texting back to us can indicate that a person is reluctant to reply to what we have said or asked. Anyway, all these techniques for discovering a lie can be perfected, all that is necessary is to pay attention to certain details that we might miss otherwise.

There are some universal rules when it comes to lying which can help us detect a lie and we have taken them into consideration when making our list, though unfortunately, they cannot always be applied as people are different and behave differently when lying. A great part of knowing whether something is a lie or not belongs to intuition really. The feeling when you simply know everything is right. And there is the other feeling when you know there is something terribly wrong but you cannot grasp the meaning of it. We relied on Psychology Today for some guidelines when it comes to detecting a lie over the phone and we made a list of 12 ways to tell if someone is lying over the phone or text.