11 Easy High Paying Jobs for College Students

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While millions of college students are unemployed, 11 easy high paying jobs for college students offer a great opportunity to earn cash without cramping your college lifestyle. Even though economic indicators are improving, unemployment among youth remains dizzyingly high. In the U.S. 17% of youth are jobless. There’s a great need to cover some of the many expenses that college students encounter, but finding easy and high-paying jobs is a real challenge. Many part time jobs will also conflict with other obligations like classes, activities, study time, and other parts of the college experience.

Highest Paying Part-Time Jobs for College Students 11 Easy High Paying Jobs for College Students


Working experience during college is more than saving some cash — it’s a good way to get more experience, build up your resume, create connections, and have a good reference for future jobs. Several studies have shown the benefits of undergraduate working experience. Benefits are more visible especially when working experience is related to a student’s field of study. These benefits show in development of practical intelligence, improved career decision making, and might even help you get one of the 11 Easiest and Best Paying Jobs in the World. Other studies report that college graduates without working experience are less likely to find a job. Even unpaid jobs, like volunteering or similar, can provide some valuable lessons for college students. At least these works can help students learn their own strengths and weaknesses.

It’s not only future employers that want working experience — many other universities and colleges value it. Many of the 20 Best Engineering Colleges in America recommend that students get work experience before applying to their degree programs. That means that interested students without working experience are less competitive compared to their colleagues that have such experience. However, the good news is that college students shouldn’t wait until they finish their educations before they earn money. Whether they look for part time or full-time jobs, summer work or internships, there are at least 11 easy high paying jobs for college students to consider. Below is a list of high paying jobs and financial sources for college students based on ranking for 2015.

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