12 Countries with Highest Teacher Salaries In The World

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Here are the countries with the highest teacher salaries  in the World where you can head to get your teaching career to the next level. Teaching and education is considered one of the most coveted careers in various parts of the world. And, these countries have been quick to recognize the importance of good educators for the ultimate goal of a building a strong education system. They offer the most lucrative salaries in order to retain best talents in the industry.

Education is among the most reputable careers in many countries, and it also has the highest rate of job satisfaction. Along with reasonable working hours and abundance of holidays around the year, there is also the additional perk of working with children which is often a rewarding experience. You get the chance to contribute positively to the future talent pool of the country. Our current list has been based on Bloomberg’s reports on the countries with highest teacher salaries for experienced teachers and the salary figures reflect the average salaries that one can expect to earn after an experience of 15 of years in the field. So if you have had considerable teaching experience these are the countries which offer the most value for money positions in the world. However, even when you are starting out, these countries provide the best opportunities to earn handsomely and prosper.

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Talking about prosperity, here are the 11 Countries with Highest Standard of Living, where the quality of life definitely seems better than elsewhere in the world. If you are considering a move, they offer some of the best earning potential across all careers in the world.

For teachers and educators, all you need is some expertise in teaching and an inclination to educate to earn something of a little fortune in the following countries!

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