12 Best Low Cost Franchises with High Profits in 2018

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Our easy franchise opportunities from 12 best low cost franchises with high profits in 2018 are what you would call a real bargain. Why? Well, because many of them cost less than $200!

How is this possible? Actually, it’s perfectly legitimate. Indeed, you can become a franchisee with that little to invest. And being a franchisee is just wonderful! You are starting a business that someone else has been running successfully for quite some time before he/she decided it was popular and profitable enough to be turned into a franchise. Therefore, it’s a proven recipe for success. A franchisee gets the education and all the equipment needed from the mentor. If you follow the basic rules, you too could be earning as much as the original owner. Even though you are running a business that is a copy of another venture, there is still some room for creativity. However, you can’t go wild.

Best Low Cost Franchises with High Profits in 2018


No business is perfect, and neither is franchising. There are certain rules to obey which mustn’t be broken, no matter how original or creative your ideas may be. Also, you may end up paying royalties for a very long time. Finally, there are money issues. The most lucrative franchises cost up to several million, and it would take an eternity to get your initial investment. Luckily for you, we have more than one franchise with low startup costs.

If you’re looking for cheap franchises under $1,000, you’ll find them right here. As for H&R block franchises, or RE/MAX LLC franchises, you’ll have to go somewhere else. They’ve both grown to be household names due to their popularity and tradition. H&R Block has been offering in-person tax return preparation services, and it has also spread its activity to online and desktop software products and similar financial services. However, to buy a franchise that has existed for 62 years you’ll have to pay at least $31,557, and the sum may go as high as $149,398. That’s not really low cost, is it?  The story is similar with the real estate franchise. RE/MAX LLC can cost you up to $225,000.

In order to find the low cost franchises that are really, really low, we turned to Franchise Direct and rejoiced at the sight of plenty of cheap franchises under 5000. However, what would make them, best and most profitable franchises for the year 2018? The fact they correspond to the latest trends in the 2018 market. Judging from Entrepreneur, Business2CommunityForbes, and Business, the areas requiring special attention (the most profitable ones) are healthy food, fitness, beauty salons, pets and technology (especially mobile applications). The 2018 forecast says these are what people spend most of their money on, and don’t regret it one bit. Being beautiful, healthy and fit with a few gadgets and a pet – that’s the 2018 consumers’ ideal. Therefore, we checked for those types of franchises and ranked them according to their prices. In cases when two or four of them belonged to the same trend and required the same initial investment sum, we inspected them more closely. A franchise with a recommendation ranks higher. The greater the geographical coverage, the higher its place on the list. Finally, if it offers financial assistance from the source, that was also considered a plus.

If you wish to see which were considered to be best low cost franchises 2016 and 2017, you can read our articles about the most profitable franchises under 50k, easiest low cost franchises to own in UK, as well as low cost franchises with high profit in 2017.

Without further ado, here are 12 best low cost franchises with high profits in 2018. Get one of these and watch your bank account balance rise steadily as the year passes.

12. Skyhawks Sports Camps

Investment: $27,500

In 2018 everybody’s idea of perfection is to have a healthy mind inside a healthy body, and millions of parents feel this way, too. They would rather invest in their children fitness than their own sometimes. Even though most of the camps are organized during summer, you can have special permission for sports events over the year.

Best Low Cost Franchises with High Profits in 2018

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