12 Best Alcoholic Mixed Drinks For Diabetics

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Diabetes is no joke, so do you know which are the 12 best alcoholic mixed drinks for diabetics? There are approximately 371 million diabetic people worldwide. A lot of people don’t see diabetes like a serious disease, but according to CBS News, diabetes caused more deaths every year than breast cancer and AIDS combined.

There was a significant diabetes campaign going on during my college years. Perhaps it was ONLY at my college. I really have no idea way. One of my more suggestible friends read a poster and was convinced for days, incorrectly, that she had diabetes.  Fortunately for her, it wasn’t the case. The poster should’ve first asked “are you kind of gullible?” or “do you overreact to posters about diabetes?” If so, you’re not likely to be a diabetic. Unfortunately, that is actually a serious problem for the disease–awareness.

There are two types of diabetes, “type 1 diabetes” and “type 2 diabetes”. Even though there are different types, the result is the same: the lost ability to produce insulin. The Mellitus type 1 is developing because of pancreas disease, infectious from events for example car accidents or surgeries as well. This diabetes type usually affects children or teenagers. Mellitus type 2, on the other hand, is most common among adult people. It is developed among people who are overweight or obese. Also, it can be developed if the individual is suffering from a lot of stress–one more reason to take that warm bath or meditation session or free massage depending on who’s offering it.

If you are a diabetic you already know you must not consume many specific foods and drinks. A healthy diet consists 40% to 60% calories from carbohydrates, 20% protein and 30% or less fat, Family Doctor reported. Many people are wondering whether they can eat sugar or not. The answer is yes, but, as long as it is part of a balanced diet. You should try not to add extra sugar to your nutrition.

Also, here you can check the 11 Easiest Alcoholic Drinks to Digest, which maybe are not the best option for you, but for your friend who has a sensitive stomach.

If you were wondering if vodka is good for diabetes, it does reduce blood glucose levels, but you should keep in mind that this alone doesn’t make the drink healthy. Vodka doesn’t contain carbs, but, like every other alcoholic drink, vodka also contains calories. You can take only one drink per day if you are diabetic, but keep in mind to consult with your doctor before you do.

You should focus on drinking sugar-free drinks with zero calories or very low-calorie drinks like water, unsweetened tea, coffee, or other low-calorie drinks and drink mixes. There are a lot of calories in alcohol, also alcohol makes hypoglycemia possible for those who are treating their diabetes with insulin or tablets.
If you are a diabetic you can adjust cocktails and you can change an ingredient or two in order to fit it to your needs.

Helped by Diabetic News Now and Diabetic Living, we created the list of 12 best alcoholic mixed drinks for diabetics, sorting them by the least unhealthy ingredients.

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