11 Worst Countries for Binge Drinking

Entire odes have been written to alcohol over the centuries, gods have been dedicated to it, and rivers of wine and beer and so on have been drunk, but nowadays you have to be in these 11 worst countries for binge drinking to get a feel about how much people love alcohol.

Let’s set down some things from the start, so we’re all on the same page – drinking a glass here, a glass there is perfectly fine, and some would say, even medically advisable. Drinking until you pass out, however, is not always the best idea. It’s not only the effects drinking has on your body, but also that darn hangover you have to nurse the day after.

11 Worst Countries for Binge Drinking


But then again, drinking alcohol in excessive quantities is something most people go through at one point or another. Excluding alcoholism, which can happen at any age, it’s mostly young people who tend to go overboard while out and about as they try to learn their limits or simply have a little too much fun. One thing that can put a damper on people’s drinking habits is the price of the drinks while another is the age limit.

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For this particular list, we took into consideration the latest report from the World Health Organization regarding alcohol consumption in adults over 15 years in liters per capita. Just so we’re clear, the average per globe was 6.2 liters, so you can compare the number better. With very little surprise, all the top countries can be found in old Europe, which means that the age limits are mostly related to purchasing alcohol, not drinking it. Without further ado, here are the 11 worst countries for binge drinking.